Your Guide To Register To Vote Ahead Of The US Presidential Election 2020

US Presidential Election 2020

US Presidential Election 2020

Today, everyone is talking about the 2020 election polls. “Voting is bigger than any one party, one issue, one candidate or one election, ” – said former lady, 56. For an online voting website, you have to register in time to vote in the US election 2020 polls. 

Even Snoop Dogg will be casting a vote for the first time in November. So when you decide to vote would you prefer President Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

All individual states have different requirements for US election polls. Presently, 39 states and Washington, D.C. – allow online voting with website registration.  In other words, you can quickly fill out your state’s form online. 

The voter website would take two minutes. Also, there are some additional tips, especially for those looking to vote this time. But, the biggest question is how novel coronavirus would be impacting the US election 2020 polls!


Registration Deadlines

Yes, you would be required to register before the state’s deadline. Plus, there is an online portal where you can easily check and register yourself. Once, you do that, you should get your voter registration card (digital) with all the information. Now, scroll through the list of states. Find a state you’re planning to vote in, then select it to find the state’s deadline. 

For example: In New York, the state’s deadline is October 9, 2020. On the other hand, in California, it is October 20, 2020. In short! it is essential to know the state’s deadline. Moreover, it is easy to find out using an online voting website. 

Furthermore, avoid waiting until the last minute to register.  Patrick, senior advisor to the election programs says – “Don’t wait for the deadline to register or check”. 

Also, to vote for US election 2020 candidates – online registration is available. Presently, 39 states plus D.C. are allowing voters to register online. Ahead of time registration using an online voting website is easy and takes only a few minutes.  That being said, some states for example New Jersey and Texas could be demanding either mail or local voter registration cards.  

For individuals putting up in one of these 11 states – then you’ll need to follow your individual state’s application process. Here is a list with the names of 11 states:-

  1. Arkansas
  2. Maine 
  3. Mississippi 
  4. Montana 
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Oklahoma
  7. New Jersey 
  8. North Dakota 
  9. South Dakota 
  10. Texas 
  11. Wyoming 

Follow up on voter registration status 

In each election cycle, experts always remind us to ensure about following up on the status of the application. “If you are uncertain about it, then verify the information by connecting with a local election officer.” Almost all jurisdictions would mail out a voter registration card upon the successful completion of an application.”  Patrick said. “Ensure to verify all the information – as the same information will be used at the polls. 

Polling items like for example 

  1. Sample ballots
  2. Voter guides 
  3. Ballot application is often sent out by election offices. 

when you look upon these items, they would provide you more information about the polling process. Next, you are all set to give your vote. In case you don’t receive such items on US election 2020 polls, don’t worry. Perhaps it is not available in your state. Nevertheless, make sure to verify your registration. 

Partick says, In the end, always stay consistent with your signature. “The name and signature you use should be the same as on your identification. Avoid using any nicknames or autograph styles. 

Final Thought 

Lastly, to qualify for the registration process you should be a citizen of the United States. Plus, your age should be 18 years(minimum). With the current pandemic situation, you can register from the safety of your home by using online registration websites. The registration lines are open, so what are you waiting for?

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