Who is Kylie Strickland? Kylie Strickland Case

kylie strickland

Kylie Strickland, a Georgia-based TikTok influencer who allegedly flashed two toddlers during a livestream, is the subject of an investigation by the police.

On June 28, 2022, Pike County police officers arrested the 30-year-old after her TikTok video went viral.

The public figure came under scrutiny after an online video purportedly showing her lowering her top and baring herself to two young boys in a swimming pool went viral. You can hear Kylie Strickland asking the young children in the video, “You want to see titties t*****s? Beverages up! She used her own account to livestream the footage.

The young boys’ actual ages are still a mystery.

All the details about Kylie Strickland

A 30-year-old TikTok influencer, Kylie Strickland opened her TikTok account in May 2020. On her kyliestrickland3 TikTok account, she has over 260,000 followers and over 7 million likes. Currently, her account is set to private.

On the social media site, the content producer frequently posts amusing articles and videos of people lip-syncing. Her Great Dane appears in one of her most popular videos on TikTok.

Georgia, in the United States, was Strickland’s home state. She has four kids, and she frequently posts pictures of them on her official Instagram account, which goes by the handle official.kylie.strick. On Instagram, which is similarly set to private, she has gathered more than 62.3k followers.

Before the TikToker’s arrest, the video was examined.

The Troup County Sheriff’s Office reported that after looking into the video, they learned that it showed a woman making out with two young boys. They also mentioned that there were additional people who could be heard and seen in the background in a press release.

Law enforcement turned over the investigation to the Pike County Sheriff’s Office after establishing the location of the video’s capture.

The Pike County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release that said:

“We always take our time when examining any case, especially one that originates on social media,” the statement reads. “While we understand the emotions that this video provoked.”

The Pike County Sheriff’s Office’s official Facebook page published a message on Thursday in response to the probe. Strickland was reportedly detained and is “awaiting a bond hearing.”

The Declaration said:

Strickland was detained on the basis of a warrant issued by Pike County detectives for child exploitation and computer or electronic pornography, both of which are felonies in Georgia. Following discussions with the district attorney’s office, it was decided that Strickland should be charged with this crime. She is currently detained and a hearing to determine her bond is pending.

Strickland faces criticism because of the trending video

Following the controversy surrounding Strickland and her arrest, a number of women took to TikTok to share their thoughts as parents.

While some of them expressed relief that the TikToker was detained, others expressed disdain at her actions.

Strickland has over 200,000 followers on TikTok.

Strickland was interviewed by the LDN in April 2021 on how she was using her TikTok platform to speak out against domestic violence.


Strickland was detained on a warrant issued by Pike County investigators for computer or electronic pornography and child exploitation, which is a crime in Georgia, according to a follow-up statement from the sheriff’s office on June 30.

“This was decided to be the appropriate criminal charge for prosecution against Strickland after consulting with the district attorney’s office.”

They also said that Kylie was being held in custody and was awaited a bond hearing.

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