Walmart Grocery Pickup

walmart grocery pickup

Utilise Walmart Grocery Pickup and delivery service to save time while shopping online and take advantage of the retailer’s consistently low prices on a wide range of groceries and other items.

Simply place your order online, pick a time slot, and an employee will gather and bag your things. If you decide to pick up your order from your neighbourhood store, we’ll send you a Ready for Pickup email when it’s ready. If not, we’ll deliver your order straight to your door.

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Picking up your order

Wait till you get an email from us, please. When your order is prepared for pickup, we’ll let you know.

Use the Walmart app to check in and let us know you’re on the way. You can call Walmart directly if you don’t have the app. In your Ready for Pickup email, the phone number can be found next to the store’s address.

Delivery of your order

To deliver your order to your door, we work with neighbourhood independent contractors. We’ll email you when your order is picked up to let you know the driver is headed your way.

If your delivery experience was satisfactory, you can give feedback and a tip for the driver.

Delayed or cancelled pickup orders

Our objective is to deliver your order as soon as possible. Make sure to: before reaching out to customer service.

  • Wait for the Ready for Pickup notification.
  • Use our check-in feature both before and after you arrive at the store.

If you checked in before your arrival, received the message, and are still experiencing a wait, call the store. When you go to the pickup place, the phone number is visible in your app.

Select the Contact us option if you have any additional questions concerning wait times.

Delayed or cancelled delivery orders

After your delivery window has gone and you still haven’t received your order, click the Contact us button.

Grocery Pickup and Delivery at Jacksonville Supercenter

Walmart Supercenter #505411900
Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32225
Open ·
until 11pm

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