Vaping Today – The Many Options, Styles and Benefits


Since the creation of the first tobacco pipe, smoking has been the way to alleviate stress and provide a much needed break for many people.

With the increase in modern technology, even smoking has gotten an upgrade. 

Vaping had quickly become the new preferred smoking method. 

One visit to your local vape shop will provide you with a multitude of flavours, vape pens, and accessories.

Can vaping actually replace the old-fashioned pipe or cigarette, though?

Which is better for you?

Smoking cigarettes causes your lungs to turn black — causing cancer, asthma, death, and a long list of other health issues. 

Vaping is less harmful than cigarettes, but is still not harmless. 

Neither is recommended for pregnant women and those under 18 due to health risks. 

The main difference between cigarettes and vaping is how they deliver nicotine to your system. 

Cigarettes have over 7,000 chemicals, most of them toxic. When you smoke cigarettes, all the toxins are released directly into your system. 

Vaping uses a liquid mixture with fewer chemicals, flavours, and nicotine extracted from tobacco leaves. This oil or liquid is heated up to create a vapour that you inhale — meaning less toxins enter your system and the atmosphere around you.

 So many choices

Vaping has become a huge market worldwide, with millions of adults wanting more and more customised devices or flavours. 

There are several flavours, nicotine levels, and types of vape juice. 

Flavours range from fruity to sweet, minty or salty. With or without nicotine is also an option. You can even get various levels of nicotine to customise your intake. 

If you want a stylish device to vape from, you will not be let down — options are limitless. 

Vape devices can be single use or reusable with a rechargeable battery. 

Your vape device can even be built to custom specifications in looks and function. 

Each vape device has a tank, box mod, and a battery, leaving each part able to be chosen by the consumer. 

You can find many colours, shapes, and sizes of vape devices, with the biggest being box mods. 

Vape devices are also made of many different materials to match your style — wood, carbon fibre, vinyl, resin, or one of many metals.

Finding the right vape pen

If you are new to vaping, the multitude of options can be confusing. 

It is recommended to start with a simple kit — a disposable vape or pod vape pen. 

When you have gotten used to drawing on your vape pen, you can then move up to a box mod kit to give you a stronger draw. 

The next thing to think of when choosing your vaping device is portability. A small pen or e-cigarette could be better on the go than a bigger box mod with chunky parts. 

When it comes to price, e-cigs or ciga like vapes are the cheapest option. The most expensive are the box mod vapes — especially with some of the more custom parts. 

Visit a vape shop today to get your vape device.

Try a multitude of flavoured vape — with or without nicotine. 

Switching to vape is better for your health and the health of those around you. 

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