Trending Wedding Cakes By Winni You Should Not Miss

Marriage cake is one of the most delicious items on any wedding menu. It is the center of attraction of all the attendees for which it needs to be extremely delicious and eye-catching at the same time. Avail best online cakes by Winni at the ease of your doorstep. As it is a tradition among brides and grooms to cut a wedding cake on the special occasion of their marriage and share it between themselves prior to distributing them among the guests. Do you want to enjoy the real taste of special event cake? If yes, then this article is for you. It has some bursting facts that would help you select the right cake.

White Colored Wedding Cake:

Most of the would-be wedded couple prefer a white-colored wedding cake as it is symbolic of innocence, love and beauty. It became a trend since the nineteenth century with the wedding ceremony of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Albert. However, there is no such rule that reads that the cakes for weddings or engagements have to be exclusively white. It can be of any color depending upon the personal choice and taste of those being engaged or married. Many online portals can serve you with online cake delivery that often varies in its taste and design. 

Cake Toppings As Per Couples Preference:

Birthday cakes come topped with candles. Similarly, online cakes for special occasions like marriage come with a topping of fresh cream and delicious berries. You are free to use creative figuring and inscriptions of their choice. No topping is also a good option if you are not able to find any suitable topping. The icing of buttercream topped with fresh flowers can also be a good option.

Multiple Cake Shapes:

Round shaped cakes are considered to be the best choice for special occasions; however, this is not the case anymore. Heart-shaped cakes, square or rectangular ones can also add an extra edge to your special events when accompanied with eye-catching color and design. Order online a one or two-layered cake that seems to be more trendy and stylish as compared to the multi-layered ones.

Costs May Vary:

The cost of various kinds of cakes may differ based on their type, ingredients, cake delivery costs and setting up. Multi-layered cakes usually cost higher as to one tiered one with a standard design due to the extra labor involved in their customization and transportation. There is no point to pay more or the same ingredients if the tiers do not matter much for you.

Cupcakes Would Work:

The kind of cake that you need to order for the big day of your life depends on how you want to celebrate the special events of your life. Are you willing to break the traditional culture? If yes,  then you can go for small cupcakes instead of ordering jumbo-sized cakes that may prove to be heavy on your pocket. These small-sized cakes can be a perfect option to be served as a dessert during the special event. 

Blue Wedding Cakes:

The blue color is considered to be a superpower for any kind of wedding. Cakes of this color are especially suitable for spring and summer weddings. In case you feel that you do have enough blue for your wedding then you can go for blue colored naked cakes online.

Winni is one of the online stores in India that help you celebrate special events of your life with the best quality online cakes. It can arrange for the delivery of cakes to your loved ones at the time decided by you. 



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