The Ultimate Guide To Boost Traffic And Make Your Website Go Viral in 2020

Make Your Website Go Viral

Make Your Website Go Viral

“One of best ways to boost your traffic and make your
website go viral is affiliate marketing. It is an actual way to turn your website into a profit irrespective of competitive business. There is plethora of other of ways to earn money online and make your website go viral. In this guide, you will find ultimate way to promote your website and make it a hub to hot new traffic.” Says Beth Chan, an affiliate marketer. 

Make Your Website Go Viral        Make Your Website Go Viral

But what is a viral website? 

A viral website as exactly what you need in 2020 to earn profit. It can generate massive amount of traffic. You can use viral website traffic and forward it any other network or even to your next website as well. In other words, viral website contains viral content that has unlimited ability to consistently create self-generating traffic. That is why it is called viral website as it encourages people to share link with others and within their own network. In a nutshell, a viral website acts like a virus in human body. 

Make Your Website Go Viral Make Your Website Go Viral

For an example…

You can be viral content creator by designing a website that helps people to create their own website design and to take it to a next-level you can give $500 to the best design. This means that millions of designers who love designing will come up to your website and they will share it in all their networks to get votes, visibility, practice, money, etc. There could be plethora of reasons. You can even put up a challenge to make it more interesting. 

Make Your Website Go Viral website go viral

Believe it or not but this works….

And, you can do it as well plus with by the end of this guide you will learn how to implement ideas to make your website go viral. 

But What is Viral Content Marketing? 

Viral content can be any ordinary article, image, video, conversation, meme, or any other material that’s shared faster in online market. Meme is potentially the most shared content on the internet. One single image, video or text can become a meme and engage millions of people within plethora of different networks. Also, there is a list of advertisements as well that went viral in past. Presently, we are looking into latest content material and this type of content actually teaches you how to boost traffic and go viral. Having your own viral website can be inspiring. 

website go viral website go viral

Search Engine Optimization a.k.a SEO 

In year 2020, we are expecting an amazing result from SEO. Make sure to make your website SEO-friendly to better rank on different search engines. Keep on reading for more ideas.

Twitter Marketing Tips         website go viral

Idea That Goes Viral 

It is safe to say that viral ideas follow a blueprint and they have two major traits: 

  1. Lot of traffic 
  2. Captivating Content 

You can use these two traits to design a viral content… 

Here is list of niches that product fantastic viral ideas: 

  1. Articles
  2. Listicles
  3. Visual Content 
  4. Interactive Content 
  5. Response Provoking Content
  6. Teaching 

Power Of Social Media 

So, you are prepared to go viral like a pro, next, it is time to use power of social media and diversify. You can use some of platform like Digg, Reddit, and Medium, etc. to shine out your viral content. But while posting up make sure to time it right. Many people overlook the importance of timing. Remember that right timing with specific type of content can generate massive content traffic. 

make my website viral

Latest Trends 

To add to current traffic, you can add latest viral trends video and content on your website. For example, content related to breaking news, or post that everyone is talking about. 

Viral Categories For 2020

  1. Info graphics
  2. Memes
  3. Video 

Remember making viral video content can be quite expensive, they are short, interesting, and most land on famous websites. 

 Example of famous websites: 

  1. BuzzFeed
  2. Upworthy
  3. ViralNova 
  4. Zergnet
  5. LittleThings

Wrapping Up

Lastly, you can learn to make your own website or get help from professionals. They can build an attractive website for you. Next, all you have to do is shoot a video, do some editing and post it up to your brand-new website. Do some video SEO and you are all set to run on path of having your own viral website. Don’t forget to share your free viral link. 

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