The Art of Organizing Your Bathroom


The bathroom is one of the hardest rooms to keep clean. When a person walks into a bathroom, they will probably see a collection of bath products, open tubes of toothpaste, hair care products, and more. 

Most people don’t look forward to decorating this room, as they consider it to be functional rather than a living space. However, organizing and decorating the bathroom is something every person should do. This one task will take the home from basic to luxurious. What are some good ways to organize the bathroom?

Smart Storage Options

Look for smart storage options that make use of available space in the bathroom. For example, when organizing your bathroom, look for items such as a sink shelf. This is a shelf that wraps around the base of a pedestal sink and holds frequently used items. This type of shelf goes up in little time and makes use of space that would otherwise remain empty. 

Invest in a Bath Caddy

One reason a bathroom often looks cluttered is because people don’t want to put items they use everyday away. A bath caddy is inconvenient and adds to the time they need to shower or get ready for the day. Purchase one and keep items used in the shower in one location where they are easy to reach. This simple trick can save a person time and frustration when they are rushing to groom themselves. 

Remove Unused Items

People often try new skin and hair care products only to find they don’t like them. However, getting rid of them can be challenging. When they try to throw these items away, they feel guilty about the money they wasted. Don’t throw the items away. 

Take these products to a local homeless shelter or another organization that helps individuals trying to get their lives on track. Call before taking the items, however, to ensure they will be accepted. Many places love to receive donations like this. 

Another option is to invest in small trial-size bottles. Fill them with bath and hair products the family didn’t like and place the bottles in Ziploc bags. They can then be handed out to homeless individuals in need of items such as these. 

Separate Items Under the Sink

Use bins to separate items under the sink into different categories. This makes it easy to access items when needed. A person doesn’t need to pull everything out to find this item, which is helpful. Often, these items don’t always make their way back under the sink but end up on the counter or floor. 

In addition, when separating these items, consider moving items that aren’t used daily to another part of the home. For example, place all nail care items in a bin and put them in a hall closet rather than keeping them in the bathroom. This is an easy way to clean and organize the bathroom while ensuring the items remain easily accessible. 

Another option is to give each family member a storage caddy for the items they use daily. They can pull the caddy out, use the items, place them back in the caddy, and return the caddy to the designated storage area. This helps to keep the bathroom clean and organized. 

The bathroom should be a place where family members can relax. Doing so is difficult if the room is cluttered. Make use of these tips to organize the bathroom and make it more visually appealing and less stressful. Everyone in the family will appreciate the updated look and feel of the room. 

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