The 2022 Blogs Year Website of the Year Awards—Nominations Are Open!


For over a decade, the Blogs Year Website of the Year Awards have acknowledged our partners’ and customers’ exceptional websites.

The Progress Blogs Year Website of the Year Awards have acknowledged creative, fascinating, and flawless websites that use Blogs Year as their primary digital experience platform for the previous 11 years.

This year is no exception. Throughout the year 2022, the Blogs Year community has witnessed customers and partners demonstrate their mastery of the platform by creating one-of-a-kind, engaging digital experiences.

Needless to say, this is an exciting moment for us as we anticipate what the Blogs Year community believes to be the best of the best.


How does the contest work?

The contest is available to all Blogs Year websites launched in 2022 or considerably improved in the subsequent year and operating on a recent Blogs Year version—12.x to 14.0.

The winners will be chosen in two stages. To begin, a Progress internal panel will nominate the top three websites in each contest category as contest finalists. After the field is narrowed, voting will be available to the entire community—via email and social media—to choose the winners in each category.

Please bear in mind, however, that nominations will not be accepted indefinitely. Nominations will conclude on April 30th, 2022.


What it takes to be a Website of the Year

The prize winners are not limited to a single generic example of a website that “looks beautiful” and “works effectively.” A nominee for Website of the Year must meet all six of the following criteria:

Visual presentation

It is not only visually appealing, but also conveys and supports a company’s mission and objectives.


tailored and optimized for the company’s audience, including text, graphics, videos, animations, and even noises.

Arrangement and navigation

where material is structured throughout the website as a result of a well-designed framework, allowing consumers to navigate the site with minimum effort.


relates to how a business used technology, using the possibilities of the website’s backend (within reason, of course) in order to emphasize what was improved over the previous version.


does not refer to the overall difficulty of the project, but to the technical complexity. This is reflected in website modifications and integrations, which may include or exclude third-party systems.


is the category for information on a website’s purpose, function, and significance within the Internet community, including awards and site links.


Consider what it’s like to win a Website of the Year award—Standouts from 2022.

The 2021 Blogs Year Website of the Year Awards recognized a range of winners who used Blogs Year to solve head-scratching and market-changing challenges across many industries, including healthcare, life insurance, financial services, and consumer services.

Are you considering a WOY nominee?

Remember, submissions conclude on April 30th, 2022, so do not hesitate to suggest someone you believe is deserving of the Website of the Year honor. They can be considered for this competition if they were introduced or significantly improved in 2021 and are running on Blogs Year version 12.0 or above.

Everyone in the Blogs Year y community is invited, from partners to non-partners! It’s time to vote for your favorite Blogs Year website of the year! CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE NOW and see whether they win the grand prize.

Concerning the Awards

Since 2017, the Website of the Year Awards have recognized websites powered by Progress Blogs Year for their superior user experience and innovative use of Blogs Year features and capabilities.

Who Is Eligible to Submit a Nomination?

The Blogs Year community is invited to enter the awards contest. You can propose your own Progress Blogs Year  project or authorize your implementation partner to do so on your behalf. Finalists will be asked to submit a signed Marketing Consent Form from the website’s owner. By April 30, 2022, nominations will be accepted.






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