Super Automatic Espresso Machine Bean Selection and Grind Settings

Super Automatic Espresso

So, you’ve received your new super automated coffee maker and are eager to load it with your favorite beans, press a button, and have a delicious cup of coffee, espresso, or milk-based beverage.

Hello, Coffee Addicts! Marc from Whole Latte Love here. Let’s look at how to choose decent beans for your machine today, including what to look for and what to avoid. I’ll give you an expert tip, show you how to set your grinder for the greatest flavour, and propose some specific beans along the way.

How to Choose and Use the Best Coffee Beans

Of course, choosing good beans is about flavor, but it’s also critical for proper machine operation. Dark roasted beans with an oily surface sheen and beans with additional seasoning are the two varieties of beans that can create difficulties. As a result, avoid beans with shiny oily surfaces or seasoning. Gummy or sticky coffee is produced by beans that like that. It can jam the coffee ground tube between the grinder and the brew unit over time.

The really dark roasts from Starbucks, Kirkland, and Peet’s are a few well-known brands to avoid (I’m not picking on anyone in particular). Roasts from those companies that are lighter in colour and lack an oily sheen are quite acceptable.

If you prefer dark roasts, here are several substitutes that have the same flavor and can be used in super automatic machines. Filicori Gran Crema Forte, illy dark roast, Whole Latte Love Beamed Up Dark Roast Blend, and Maromas Platinea are a few of our favorites.

If dark roasts aren’t your style, or you want to branch out and try something different, keep reading for some recommendations for medium roasts, as well as our favorite beans for milk-based drinks.

Pro Tip: Beans are frequently over-roasted to conceal flaws in low-quality coffees.

Always be wary of those really black roasted beans with an oily sheen on the surface; in many cases, that is the flavor (poor or good) that has been roasted out of the bean.

Now, be cautious of flavored coffees available at your local grocery. When I say flavored, I’m referring to aromas and aromatics added after the bean has been roasted, rather than flavor found naturally in the bean.

This type of bean will have a lot of lustre and a black roast. Superautomated machines should not be utilized with flavored whole beans. If you like flavored coffee, you can use it in pre-ground form through your machine’s bypass doser.

Should I Use a Different Grind Setting?

The sort of coffee you’re producing, as well as the roast level of your beans, are two factors to consider. For shorter coffees like espresso, go for a finer grind, while for typical, longer coffees, go for a coarser grind.

If you want a lighter roast, go for a finer grind, and if you want a darker roast, go for a coarser grind. Finally, we recommend weighing the length of your coffee over the roast level of your bean when deciding your grind setting.

Now, here are a few things to consider while altering your grind setting:

To begin, it’s usually fine to coarsen a grind in numerous steps at once. When fine-tuning, however, adjust one notch at a time, brew, and then adjust as needed. You can modify several steps finer in one go if you can adjust the grinder while it is grinding, but multi-step finer changes should only be made while the grinder is running.

Be careful that the full effect of grind size adjustments in your cup may take several brewing cycles. Because most “coffee machines” have adaptive brewing mechanisms, the coffee dose is adjusted once the grind size is changed.

For Super Automatic Machines, we have a variety of coffee beans to choose from.

Finally, as promised, here are some of our favourite medium roasts. We adore Barrie House Indonesian Sumatra Single Origin Fair Trade Organic Coffee and Carraro Globo Arabica! Both of these coffees are excellent starting points for more unusual coffees.

Whole Latte Love Crema Wave Whole Bean Espresso is a favourite among espresso drinkers. This arabica mix has honey and almond flavours, and we’ve put it through its paces in our most popular machines, from superautomatic to prosumer, with excellent results.

Maromas Orphea is by far our favourite milk-based beverage. Our customers consistently give it five stars. It’s a fantastic coffee with a rich, long-lasting crema and a chocolate taste that’s never bitter. It’s perfect for a cappuccino or flat white.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you’ll visit Whole Latte Love to learn more about all things coffee.

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