Sugar Vs Jaggery- is Jaggery Healthier Than Sugar?

Sugar Vs Jaggery- is Jaggery Healthier Than Sugar?

If you have a sweet tooth, you probably worry about how many calories you consume when you eat your favorite dessert. You can choose your preferred sweetener if you have access to precise information about the calorie counts of two sweeteners that are regularly used in Indian households. The two most widely used sweeteners in the nation are sugar and jaggery. In addition, brown sugar and honey are added. This post will compare the calories in jaggery and sugar and explain how jaggery is healthier.

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Sugar is also called white poison.

Sugar only has sucrose (sweetness), besides mineral vitamin does not contain anything, and when the sucrose is digested, the body takes energy from the body, so the body has to bear a little effort to digest it.

 In addition to sucrose in jaggery, fructose is fructose. When glucose changes in glucose, it gives energy to the body, so take it after food, which easily digests the food.

That is why we consider it hot.

Apart from this, jaggery in jaggery, iron, calcium, zinc, selenium, aluminum, potassium, sodium, cobalt chromium, lithium, magnesium, meganese, phosphorus, nickel, copper, vitamin b1, vitaminb2, vitamin b3, vitamin b5, vitamin b5, vitamin-b9 vitamin-d , Vitamin-e, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-A, 15 types of amino acids, lutein, Vasiyas, polyphenol, etc. are therefore considered jaggery as also a desi supplements.

We have to pay more attention to these things before eating multivitamins.

 If sugar does not come in place of jaggery, then the children and women of India would not have iron deficient anemia, because jaggery is a good source of iron.

 Today, 60% of school children and women in India are anemic or there is a shortage of any other nutrition.

Benefits Of Eating Good

  1. Clean The Good Lungs

If you eat well, then the dirt of your lungs is also clean, in big factories, where there is more pollution, the dust is more, there is more dust, there is more dust to eat jaggery to their laborers so that their lungs are clean.

     2 . Good Strengthens Digestive Power

If your digestive power is weak, gas etc. is made in your stomach, then you should consume jaggery, by eating jaggery, various diseases of your stomach will be removed.

  1. Eating Jaggery Increases Blood

If you have anemia in your body, then you should consume jaggery which will increase the amount of blood in your body and purify it.

  1. Goods Strengthen Bones

If your bones are weak then you should consume jaggery, by doing this your bones will become stronger because phosphorus and calcium are found in plenty inside jaggery.

  1. Good Makes Your Body Powerful

If your body is weak then you should consume jaggery. If you eat well, then by doing this your weakness is removed and your muscles are strong. The body becomes strong.

  1. Good Increases Eye Light

If your eyes are weak then you should use good. If you use good, then your eyesight also increases gradually.

  1. Jaggery Makes Your Brain Sharp

Jaggery, also referred to as gur, is a naturally occurring sweetener that is gaining popularity as a healthy substitute for sugar. Jaggery Makes Your Brain Sharp.

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