Smooth Sailing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Marine Battery System

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Just like your auto and some of your larger lawn and garden equipment, your marine machines need a reliable power source. Since you might not have as much experience in this area, it helps to gain a better understanding of this process. It all begins with finding the ideal marine battery for your power boat or sailing craft.

Connecting Electronics and Accessories

As with most batteries, you will want to pay attention to a number of important features. These include the level of cold cranking amps, the reserve capacity and the vibration resistance. Boat batteries also use a deep discharge quality that delivers steady current to electrical units on the boat.

Your owner’s manual will help you match these specifications to the battery you buy, or you can speak with an informed representative for optimal results. For the best battery, also look for these qualities:

  • Lengthy running time
  • Easy storage requirements
  • Robust warranty
  • Competitive pricing
  • Advanced technology

To make sure your battery performs at its highest level, and you and your passengers remain safe, follow proper procedures for installation. Disconnect the old battery and dispose of it through proper means. Place the new battery in the compartment and make sure to seat it correctly. Attach the positive and negative terminals and tighten them to the appropriate level. Reattach old electrical accessories or recently purchased upgrades. 

For safety, wear gloves and eye protection and never allow the positive and negative terminals to touch. Work in a dry environment and avoid wearing metal jewelry.

 A new marine battery will ensure your motor starts and it will also maintain a steady level of current to power accessories such as small fridges and other on-board electrical components. Top brands include Duralast, Valucraft, Optima and Odyssey Battery. You can expect to pay anywhere from $80 to $450 for a replacement depending upon your boat and your needs. Free in-store pickup and deals and discounts could lower your overall costs.

Testing the Battery System

It pays to monitor the performance of your battery system. This will prevent losing power in the middle of the lake or reduced power output while enjoying a day on the water. Proper installation and the right battery choice will also help eliminate battery issues. When in doubt, bring your battery in for testing to see exactly where it stands in terms of expected lifespan.

When you buy a premium battery for your boat, you can expect better results. With a Duralast marine battery warranty, you have a solid level of protection. This trusted brand makes a variety of batteries designed for the special needs of avid boaters and most come with a 1-year warranty to increase your peace of mind while on the water. They have both the power to get you underway as well as the necessary deep discharge to power boat appliances.

For all of your automotive and recreational power needs and accessories, trust a leader. From battery testing to sound advice, you can find it at your local auto parts store. Shop now to get the most out of your machines and to score exceptional deals.

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