Should I Get Wheel Spacers For My Vehicle

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Wheels are an essential part of any automobile, whether you drive a passenger car or a commercial vehicle. The main purpose of a wheel is to reduce friction between the road and the tyre and they also supply the necessary force required to propel the vehicle forward. When we talk of wheels here, wheel spacers are bound to be a part of our discussion here. Let us first understand what are these.

What are wheel spacers?

Wheel spacers have one purpose to solve. They move your DOTZ alloy wheels slightly away from the car’s body. That means they create some sort of gap between the assembly of the wheel and the wheel. This way, the hub assembly remains at its place, while the wheel moves slightly outward. They are positioned over the bracket of the automobile.

Whenever you buy these wheel spacers, it’s important that you check that they are primarily made for your vehicle. These spacers aren’t given by the manufacturer, but people buy them on their own as an additional upgradation for their car. That’s why it’s important that they match the bolted pattern of your car.  They aren’t that expensive but work in both the cases, whether you drive a passenger car or you’re a driver of an off-roading vehicle. So, are they good or bad for us? Why do people go for these alloy wheels UK spacers? Let’s find out the answers to these curious questions.

Pros of wheel spacers

  • Smarter appearance

As said, appearance means a lot to many people and wheel spacers do just that to the vehicle. Since the wheels come forward slightly from the frame, they get aligned with the fender. This alignment provides a unique look to your vehicle.

  • Enhanced handling

The spacers improve the cornering remarkably. They help you to take turns with ease. Since the wheels are pushed away from the chassis of the car, it reduces the centre of gravity considerably, therefore better cornering.

  • Can install wheels which are a mismatch

The DOTZ alloy wheels spacers specifically help you fit wheels even which are a bit mismatch for your vehicle. In such a case, spacers help the wheels to fit in properly. That’s one of the major reasons why people like to go for wheel spacers.

Cons of wheel spacers

  • Change in steering and suspension

Since the wheels get pushed away from the hub assembly, your steering tends to get heavier than usual. You’d notice that you require a lot of effort to handle it and this kind of arrangement won’t help the vehicle in absorbing shocks and bumps. Your wheels may not be able to witness the harsh road conditions.

  • Quicker wear and tear

With the wheel spacers in the vehicle, the suspension gets to bear some extra stress. The wheels are no longer able to touch the ball bearings. This leads to the reduction in the shelf life of the bearings and they wear out before their usual time.

Should I go for the wheel spacers?

The pros of wheel spacers certainly outweigh the cons. Still, the decision solely lies in your hands. If you really want to go for the wheel spacers, then make sure that they are of good quality. Also, make sure that your alloy wheels UK aren’t rubbing against the outer edge of the fender. Do enough research on this subject before you plunge in to buy them.

After all, these spacers shouldn’t cause any issue in your ride. You might want to enhance the look of your vehicle, but don’t compromise on the quality of your ride. So, make an informed choice regarding these spacers.

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