Selecting the Right Vaping Pod


For newer vaporizers, selecting the correct vaping pod comes with multiple considerations. From delivery to functionality and style, there is an abundance of options on the market. Here are a few things to consider when buying or upgrading a vaping device.

First is the distinction between mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) devices. Simply, MTL delivers vapor into the mouth before it enters the lungs, which mimics smoking cigarettes. Then, DTL is as literal as it reads, and those devices produce more extensive and powerful draws and clouds upon exhalation. More experienced vapors typically enjoy DTL more than the old-school inhale delivery as MTL.

Now, there is battery life, and nearly all devices and pods will be measured in milliamps per hour (mAh). Moderate vapors can get away with only using 400-600 mAh vaping machines, but for those wanting plenty of charge to last throughout an entire day, a vaping pod with at least 1,000 mAh should be considered. Otherwise, expect to charge the device every couple of hours, which requires an electricity source and USB cable.

Next is pod type, and there are two options on the market: pre-filled (closed) and refillable (open). Closed pods come with a specific amount, usually in mL, of e-liquid, and once it runs out, an adult will easily pop the pop out, throw it away (unless it is recyclable), and insert a new pod. Open pods allow the device to be refilled, as it suggests, when the pod runs out, so adults do not have to make a separate trip to buy another last minute. Those choosing the open pod option must be committed to one flavor for some time. It is recommended to try out different e-flavors before sticking to one. Choosing one and buying in bulk comes with more savings.

There are also draw- and button-activated vape pods. Button activated is precisely as it sounds: a click and fire option convenient for vapers. Adults choosing draw activation may like that it replicates traditional smoking habits. Draw-activated pods do not tend to misfire, stick, or activate in hand or pocket like their button-pressing counterparts. However, draw-activated pods can have sensor inference from runaway e-juice, so frequent cleaning is needed for draw-activated pods.

Adults can purchase all-in-ones (AIOs), cigalikes, disposable pens, pods, and tanks to begin vaping. MTL starter kits can be around $30-$60, and pens are about $15-$35. Pod systems are typically $10-$30, whereas disposable vapes are $5-$10. For individuals who do not have disposable vapes, vape juice will need to be purchased. Pre-filled containers usually cost $3-$7 per package but only last one or two days. Yet, e-juice can be bought by the bottle in sizes ranging from 10-120 mL. Pricing and quality vary with bottles because of branding and testing, but a vaporer can expect to pay $10-$30 on average. Purchasing replacement coils (the heating element for vape devices and pens) should always be on hand to keep consistent delivery, and that cost is $1-$5 per package. Caliburn is a reliable, high-quality brand that does not need as much upkeep.

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