Reasons to Plan a Himachal Trip in Winters- Travel Guide 2022-2023

Hill stations have a special charm during the winter months. As the snow falls, the mountains, forests, and the roads turn into a magical snow land. While the cool breeze and cold temperatures is a retreat, it is also a time for travelers to breathe into the beauty of the Himalayas in its grandeur. Each year thousands of couples and families travel to Manali and Shimla to experience the seclusion of the Himalayas when it is in its most beautiful form.

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Come winters, the thick sheet of ice formed on the roads of Himachal Pradesh are a feast to the eyes. The silence of the jungles, cold weather and warm Chai is a delight to soak in the Himalayas. While the footfall in Himachal is never short of tourists, during the winters the place offers a lot of reasons to plan for Himachal Tourism!

In Himachal Pradesh, the winter season starts in November and lasts through March. The state experiences snowfall and is blanketed in a thick layer of snow during this time of year, making it a popular destination for snow lovers. The state begins to see a temperature drop in October, and by December and January, it has transformed into a scene from the Narnia film. Himachal Pradesh experiences temperature swings between 0°C to 13°C. High altitude locations see temperatures below zero degrees Celsius, and significant snowfall causes the closure of highways leading to well-known tourist destinations like Spiti Valley.

15 Best Places To Visit In Himachal Pradesh In December

Take a look at the top adventures in Himachal Pradesh that you shouldn’t miss this December:

  • Kufri
  • Rohtang La
  • Spiti Valley
  • Khajjiar
  • Parashar Lake
  • Churdhar
  • Kheerganga
  • Solan
  • Kalpa
  • Mashobra
  • Tosh
  • Barot
  • Mcleodganj
  • Shimla
  • Manali

The greatest time to see and enjoy Himachal’s other lovely side is during the winter, though. Shimla, Manali, Narkanda, and Kasauli are a few well-known winter hill stations. Himachal Pradesh is one of the greatest destinations to travel for honeymooners and couples because of its quiet surroundings and serene attitude.

For travelers who have a strong love for the hills and the wilderness, Himachal has long been a delight. The Himalayan ranges can be seen at these 10 finest places to visit in Himachal Pradesh in December thanks to its enormous and snow-capped mountains, which also captivate single and backpackers as well as many honeymooners and families.

Enjoy the tranquility of such alluring scenery by adding these locations to your schedule for your next trip to Himachal, and you’ll have an amazing vacation.

Please take note that Shimla has been selected as the focal point for outlining the most effective approaches to visit the corresponding cities.

Snow- the magic land

There is no bigger reason than snow, to pull you towards the mountains in winters. During December, January, and February, Himachal places – Shimla, Manali, Mcleodganj, Bir, Kaza, Spiti and Parvati Valley experience heavy snowfall making a thick sheet of snow on the mountains and the roads. While it’s a beauty to watch the snow-covered mountains, it is also a time to walk in the cotton soft snow and try a hand at making a snowman. It is a splendid time for the tourists to visit the Rohtang Pass and watch how the mountains transform into a wonderland. If nothing else, the comfort of winter evenings in the hotel rooms with warm soup or chai in hand and unending greenery around is a delight to soak into during the holidays.

Winter carnivals and Festivals

Every year Himachal Pradesh celebrates special festivals during the winter months. While at Manali it is the Manali Winter Carnival during January/February, at Shimla, it is the Winter Carnival with ice-skating, snowman making, fashion shows and other competitions for the people. The people of Himachal celebrate their winters with cultural community programs during the winter evenings where they sing regional songs, dance and rejoice. Also, the Christmas, New Year, Sakranti and the Valentine’s Day are festivals that bring the state to life. With music parties, events and festivals being held almost everywhere, the travelers can have a joyous time in Himachal.

Travel Plans in the Budget

Due to heavy snowfall, a lot of travelers don’t make plans for Himachal during the winters. It is often called as the off-season for the hotels and the restaurants because of relatively low footfall. This fall in tourist plans also brings down the price of the hotel rooms, restaurants, etc. One can have a comfortable stay in good hotels without having to pay too much for it. The resorts and retreat centers, in particular, have discounts running for the therapies, spa sessions, and accommodation to fit into the budget of the travelers during winters. As compared to the summer prices, the winter prices for accommodation in Himachal is less making it a budgeted trip for all. You can have a great time in less of the budget in Himachal and breathe in the tranquility of the space. Adventurous activities and sport

As the weather turns dry and makes way for tons of snow to cover the lands, Himachal opens its doors to a variety of adventurous activities and sports. While the adventurous activities like paragliding, river rafting, bungee jumping, jungle safari, trekking, hiking, etc continue to charm the travelers, during the winters one can try their hand at ice-skating, skiing and snow walking. Some valleys cover up completely in snow bringing in tourists to gather together and spend quality time learning and sliding through the snow-covered land. Trekkers love to embark on their trails during the winter months to capture the beauty of mountains when they are covered with snow. The view from the top of the hill is worth all the efforts.

No Tourist Crowd

There is less number of travelers traveling to Himachal during the winter months as compared to the summer months. As a result, people seeking some seclusion and relaxing time in the mountains can book their tickets from December to March. The regions of Kaza, Parvati Valley, Dharamshala, Bir, etc particularly have lesser footfall because of high amounts of snow. And with the cafes and cottages built in the Himalayan region providing for comfort and unwinding time close-to-nature, it is a delight to rejoice in the silence of the mountain!

A Stroll on the Ridge Road

Ridge road, Shimla comes to life as the snow makes its presence in the city. With the view of the Church in the background, the Ridge road and mall road are the popular places where people turn up to celebrate snow in Shimla. The large area feels like a giant hall of nature where people come together to spend time, shop and stroll through the cafes. The small shops selling mufflers, jackets, socks, etc are perfect to stock up on winter wear. Moreover, the local people selling tea and coffee make the experience even more enjoyable.

Toy Train Rides

The toy train rides on the hills is an experience of its own! Revering the charm of the chimney trains till today, the toy trains move slowly through the twisty-turvy tracks laid on the mountains to give an ecstatic view from the top. Just like a scene out of a movie, you can view the grandeur of the Himalayan mountains in a vintage style train. While you are comfortably seated on the train, the view keeps changing as the train moves from dark tunnels, valleys and mountain tops. The Shimla-Kalka toy train is not to be missed when you are in the region.

Himachal Pradesh is an adventure in disguise. During the winter months, the whole region gets covered in deep layers of snow and turns to life with its iconic views. This is the perfect time to grasp the beauty of the Himalayas and its weather while you seek out some solitude in the mountains.

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