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In today’s modernized world, it’s rather convenient and efficient to work or study with technology. It seems pretty easy to access resources, learn, and even share them! A great example is the Portable Document Format (PDF) files that have been a part of businesses and schools for securing profiles and information. Thus, it’s essential to learn how these files work as early as now.

As you learn and handle such files daily, you may encounter issues that normally happen with PDFs. But don’t be bothered because there’s PDFBear always ready to back you up. Life with PDF files must not be too overwhelming when you partner with the best PDF online software with tools you can use for free on your mobile phone. you Can also Convert excel to pdf.

Convert Word files into PDF in two minutes

A very simple yet the most important thing to have when using Microsoft Office files is to learn how to use a converter tool. Converting Word documents to PDF format serves you an array of benefits. With PDFs, it’s much easier to reproduce, upload, print, and even send a copy through Gmail because it’s smaller in file size. 

Now, to convert Word to PDF file format, you can use PDFBear’s converter tool for free and finish the process in a matter of two minutes. This website makes sure you don’t encounter any inconvenience while using the tool. You will only be requested to follow four quick steps.

First Step

Go to their webpage and look for the PDF Converter button. Click it, and PDFBear will redirect you immediately. Upload any Word file that you want to transform into a PDF file format. You can press the “Select Files” tab or use the quicker alternative way by dragging and dropping the file to their server. 

Second Step

Once the file is ready, the converter tool will scan it right away. It will extract the texts from the document and will soon start the conversion. 

Third Step

The third step is as easy as waiting for a few moments to complete the conversion process. 

Fourth Step

After two minutes, the newly converted file is ready for download. You can save the file on your device and also share it with your Google Drive as a backup file. 

Ensure that your internet connection is strong in the process, so there will be no trouble downloading the file. 

Use this converter tool on any platforms!

Here’s why PDFBear is always on-trend in terms of PDF software. It allows you to do any conversion, no matter which platform or operating system you use. Unlike all the other sites online, which are limited and not secure, PDFBear supports Windows-based or Linux-based platforms. It’s also accessible through any device with internet browser apps. 

PDFBear prioritizes your safety

More than anything, you should put your file’s safety on top of your priority lists. PDFBear is aware that most people are skeptical about uploading files online because of some serious threats, whether viruses or unauthorized people wanting to steal or access documents. 

Fortunately, PDFBear makes their website the safest place for your confidential files through a superb security system called the 258-Bit SSL Encryption. On top of that, the server does regular monitoring on their server to permanently delete files you’ve uploaded and downloaded from the previous conversion process. 

Quality performance at its best

Though PDFBear is completely free software, they don’t ever want to give you terrible results. They always ensure that your files are 100% intact and accurate. Only file formats are changed. Supported by the Solid Framework, this website guarantees an excellent end product. Remember that quality should be next to security. Don’t just give your trust to any software only to compromise the quality of your file. 

The most user-friendly tool

PDFBear believes that a good place to work on your files greatly affects your productivity. That’s why they carefully make understandable and straightforward instructions, themes, and designs for their website. Using a simple font style, warmer color motif, and simple words for instructions are the things that people love when using the tool. 


Excellent PDF software like PDFBear proves that you don’t need a hefty amount of money or even specific technical skills to successfully manage your PDF files. You only need a functional device and an internet connection to operate the tool. 

Other than this straightforward conversion tool, more than twenty other tools are available on this website too. If you want to learn more about it, visit their main site and discover more helpful tools. 

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