New Digital Advances Taking Place During the Super Bowl 2023

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This year’s Super Bowl will surely be a memorable one, as new digital advances will take place. From Ohio launching online betting apps to the rise of mobile and social media usage, there are plenty of changes to look forward to. In this post, we’ll discuss these new digital advances taking place during the Super Bowl and how they will affect the big game.

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Ohio to Launch Online Betting Apps During the Super Bowl 2023

This year’s Super Bowl is sure to be a spectacle like no other. Not only will the game be exciting, but Ohio is one of the first states to launch online betting apps. This means that sports fans all over the country will have access to improved betting opportunities, both in terms of variety and location.

Sports betting apps have been around for some time now, but they’ve only recently started to gain traction in the United States. These apps allow bettors to place bets from their smartphones or computers and incorporate them into various events throughout the year. The Super Bowl is just one example of an event where Ohio betting apps can be used effectively.

The advantages of sports betting apps over traditional bookmakers include better customer service and convenience. Most bookmakers require you to make a phone call or visit a physical location to place your bet, which can be inconvenient if you’re not near a gambling establishment. With an app, you only need your smartphone or computer with internet access—no need for extra gear. On top of that, many app providers offer live streaming of sporting events so that you can still participate in the excitement by placing your bets online even if you can’t make it to the game live.

Stadiums Prepare for Digital Shopping and Viewing Experiences for Fans


This year’s Super Bowl is sure to be a blockbuster event—not just because of the big game itself. In addition to the exciting football match, many stadiums are introducing new digital shopping and viewing experiences that will allow fans to stay updated with real-time stats, replays, and highlights.

For example, at the Super Bowl, fans will be able to browse merchandise by brand, category, or style from their seats. This is all backed by facial recognition technology, so you can be confident that your purchases are safe and secure. In addition to shopping on-site, fans can order food and drinks from the stadium’s official food service provider using the same facial recognition technology. And if you’re looking for tickets but don’t want to deal with crowds (or long lines), you can use mobile features, including augmented reality and 360-degree replay capabilities, to find the perfect seats without ever having to leave your seat.

As always, stadiums are taking measures to protect both fan data and streaming content from hackers. For the upcoming Super Bowl specifically, they’re implementing big data analytics to gather insights on fan engagement (including what content viewers are most interested in), match day spending (so stadium operators can better plan for future matches), as well as more general insights about how people experience live sports events.

Fans Around the World Utilize New Digital Tools to Enjoy the Big Game


The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated events of the year, and millions of fans worldwide are tuning in to watch it. This year, the game has been broadcast digitally to make it more accessible to audiences around the world. Several new digital advances have been introduced that make this possible, including live streaming, social media platforms, and special app discounts.

Fans can watch the game using their smartphones or tablets by streaming it online or using apps like Apple TV or Roku. They can also interact with other fans by commenting on posts or watching highlight reels together. In addition to watching the game live, fans can also watch replays and explore all of the available content on Super Bowl Sunday.

To make this an even more interactive experience, many social media platforms have launched dedicated Super Bowl accounts that allow users to share photos and videos from inside stadiums and post reactions during the game. And for those who want a deeper engagement with Super Bowl content, virtual reality has become a popular way to experience events like this. By immersing yourself in an immersive environment, you can feel as if you are right there in person.

To Sum Up

The digital transformation of the Super Bowl is well underway, and it is exciting to see how fans worldwide are utilizing new technology to enjoy the big game. Ohio is leading the way with its launch of online betting apps for this year’s game as stadiums prepare for digital shopping and viewing experiences for fans. It is clear that technology will continue to shape our experience of major sporting events like the Super Bowl in years to come, so be ready to take advantage of all that it has to offer.

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