Must Watch Treasure Hunting Shows

Treasure Hunting Shows

Since the beginning of time, humans have been fascinated by discovering treasure. Nowadays, there are a tonne of fascinating treasure seeking shows available for you to check out immediately on your phone, computer, or television set thanks to the development of contemporary television and the availability of countless ways to access entertainment.

In order to ignite your interest in this highly sought-after hobby of treasure hunting, I decided to compile a list of the top must-watch treasure hunting shows.

Treasure Hunting Television Shows

On a few television programmes, Timothy Draper and the Treasures in America crew have appeared as special guests. To view some of them, watch the videos up top.

Treasure Hunting Shows

Timothy Draper, the company’s founder and a well-known treasure hunter, has spent more than 20 years studying and looking for historical artifacts. He has explored every corner of both North and South America. He made the decision to continue on his adventure by imparting his expertise and enthusiasm to others. He does this in the aim of motivating others to search for hidden gems. Learn more about Timothy Draper and his desire to become one of history’s top treasure hunters by watching these movies.

As time goes on, he intends to make additional tools available to the general public. You will see a lot more of the crew in the future, and we have many plans for creating more videos. The top treasure seeking shows in 2022, 2023, and beyond will include some of these videos. Not anything you want to miss.

New Treasure Hunting Shows

The Treasures in America team has put a lot of effort into creating treasure hunting tales and product films that will educate and raise awareness of all the resources you’ll need to get started on your adventure. Whether you’re a novice or expert treasure seeker, you’ll enjoy watching these films.

What Are Some Of The Treasures In America Accomplishments?

The Treasures in America team has been highlighted on numerous TV programmes, news articles, podcasts, and other media because of their shared interest. The Travel Channel and the Discovery channel treasure hunting shows have been among the most prominent featured movies. Their treasure stories have been shared with the public through podcasts, and the News channel has highlighted their finds. To raise awareness of this pastime, we have been fortunate enough to post our own content on our website and social media channels. The crew has also shot with a number of well-known celebrities, including Chris Jericho

We are pleased with these successes, but we have more to do. For the benefit of the public, Treasures in America is always producing fresh video content. On a monthly basis, production companies approach us whether we may air special episodes and shoot for our own show on a major network. We always do our best to accommodate demands, and we’ll keep doing that.

What Types Of Gear Do Treasures In America Offer?

We provide a variety of treasure seeking supplies, but metal detectors, pinpointers, search coils, and accessories are our top sellers. Some of the videos we’ve produced serve to showcase the goods we offer. In this manner, you can get a close-up view of the goods and discover more about them. We’ve also made more movies to help you learn more about finding riches and treasure hunting. Keep a lookout for new YouTube and this page videos.

More About Treasures In America And Treasure Hunting

We take treasure hunting and metal detecting extremely seriously, and as leaders in the community, we believe it is crucial to mentor and educate others so that anybody who is interested can begin their adventure with guidance and the tools they need to pursue their love. You’ve come to the ideal website if you appreciate exploring, learning about lost history, and looking for hidden riches as a hobby.

We can assist in providing you with the necessary equipment and information so you can find your adventure. Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries or would like to learn more about how you may join the Treasures in America team. We will respond to you as soon as we can. Because we care and want to support everyone in the treasure hunting community who is interested in learning more, Treasures in America, the fastest-growing metal detecting and treasure hunting company online, strives to provide you with excellent customer service and helpful information.

Must Watch Treasure Hunting Shows 

In the shows that I have gathered for your viewing enjoyment, find out what has been discovered and what is now being discovered. You can find shipwreck riches, lost treasure, and untold adventures to find things that have vanished through the sands of time in these episodes. Enjoy!

Treasure Hunting Shows

  1. Cooper’s Treasure

Gordon Cooper, an astronaut, achieved the record for the longest space trip in 1963. He completed 122 hours of earth-circling. He observed numerous anomalies on this mission that appeared as dark spots in the waters below. Cooper captured these abnormalities in the South Caribbean in over 100 pictures.

Mr. Cooper assumed that these shadowy areas were long-lost sunken vessels. He kept these images for more than 40 years, sharing his discoveries with his friend Darrell Miklos before passing away.

Miklos used this knowledge to set out to investigate the Gordon Cooper map’s abnormalities. These investigative activities led to the creation of the Discovery Channel television programme Cooper’s Treasure.

Cooper’s Treasure has two seasons and sixteen episodes as of this writing. Cooper’s Treasure can be viewed by subscribing to Amazon Prime.

Treasure Hunting Shows

  1. Curse of Oak Island

As of this writing, there have been 106 episodes of the TV show The Curse of Oak Island, which has been running for 7 seasons. On January 5, 2014, the History Channel in Canada premiered the first episode of the series, which is still airing today.

Watch as Rick and Marty Lagina, brothers, use cutting-edge technology to unearth the mysteries buried beneath and in the ocean around Oak Island. On the programme, a few interesting topics are covered, including:

  • The Money Pit
  • Site 2
  • The Swamp
  • Borehole 10-x
  • The Hatch
  • Smith’s Cove
  • Nolan’s Cross

After reading a Readers Digest piece from 1965 about the Restall family who were investigating the island’s Money Pit, the Lagina brothers developed an interest in the place.

The island was bought by Rick and Marty from Oak Island Tours. Moreover, the reality programme The Curse of Oak Island was launched alongside Prometheus Entertainment.

Theories of Oak Island

The island’s past and any hidden treasures are the subject of several theories and suppositions. According to one idea, the island was visited by ancient mariners who left behind treasure and artefacts.

Another hypothesis suggests that a 90-foot stone may have written instructions on how to use grain to overcome the Money Pit water tunnels. There is also a notion that focuses around Sir Francis Bacon, the Rosicrucians, and secret codes throughout Shakespearean writing.

The most well-known hypothesis holds that the Knights Templar secretly stored valuable sacred treasures on the island. Not to add the hypothesis that there may be Aztec Empire wealth hidden on the island.

The Curse of Oak Island episodes have covered all of these notions in depth and continue to do so. This television programme is available on demand through Amazon Prime or on the History Channel.

Treasure Hunting Shows

  1. Diggers

The TV show The Diggers had 66 episodes in total during its four seasons from 2013 to 2015. The National Geographic channel broadcast it.

Follow Tim “The Ringmaster” Saylor and George “King George” “KG” Wyant as they metal detect across the United States in search of various historical artifacts and missing treasure.

A few significant episodes are:

  • Where Steve Jobs’ time capsule is located
  • They discovered the McCoy family cabin that the Hatfields had destroyed.

The Fox News Channel, which in 2015 bought the National Geographic channel, discontinued the Diggers television series. However, you may still use your Amazon Prime account to buy and watch episodes.

Diggin with KG and Ringy is a web series that Tim and George began on YouTube.

Treasure Hunting Shows

  1. Treasure Quest: Snake Island

Follow Cork Graham and diver Megan Heaney-Grier as they look for The Treasure of Trinity, a lost Incan treasure.

The conquistador Aleixo Garcia allegedly led an expedition across the Brazilian forests in 1524, assaulting Incan towns and stealing their wealth. According to legend, Huayna Capac, the Incan king, and his army drove Garcia and his soldiers back but left Garcia with a sizable sum of Incan wealth.

The Guarani soldiers who were Garcia’s followers grew avaricious and killed him in order to take his wealth. The Incan wealth eventually washes ashore and is claimed to have been hidden by locals on an island known as Snake Island.

The Discovery Channel series Treasure Quest: Snake Island has 3 seasons and 21 episodes, and it is still airing today. With an Amazon Prime account, you can watch on-demand content.

The Curse of Civil War Gold

  1. The Curse of Civil War Gold

Kevin Dykstra, a native of Michigan, and The Curse of Oak Island star Marty Lagina collaborate to look for the gold that was stolen from Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

The admissions of a local lighthouse keeper on his deathbed in 1890 are where the tale of this stolen riches originated. In his admission, he said that in 1865, Union forces attacked Jefferson Davis and took his gold.

The gold was later taken north by the army, where it eventually ended up in Lake Michigan’s bottom. In the book The Curse of Civil War Gold, Dykstra and his group of scholars trawl Lake Michigan in quest of this looted wealth.

The Civil War’s Malady The History channel originally aired the first two seasons of Gold, which total 16 episodes. Through Amazon Prime, you may purchase this show on demand.

Treasure Hunting Shows

  1. American Digger

Watch as family members of retired professional wrestler Frank Huguelet (Ric Savage) travel throughout America metal detecting and unearthing hidden treasure. The first episode of American Diggers aired on Spike TV, a network of the Discovery Channel, on March 21, 2012.

The programme aired 22 episodes during its two seasons. After the American Diggers magazine accused Viacom of trademark infringement and filed a lawsuit, the program’s name was changed to Savage Family Diggers.

Although Savage Family Diggers or American Diggers is no longer broadcast, you may still buy previous seasons and episodes on demand with an Amazon Prime Account.


There you have it—19 must-see shows about treasure hunting that you can get with an Amazon Prime membership. These programmes ought to satisfy your desire for exploration and adventure. I wish these programmes had been around when I was a kid. The only television programme I had to watch that even remotely compared to any of these shows was Jaques Cousteau.

With the stroke of a button, we can now access all the adventures we desire. I consider myself lucky to have access to these captivating shows from the comfort of my home room. Check out our list of the 25 Best Treasure Hunting Movies if you’re interested in watching movies about the subject. All these are Treasure Hunting Shows you can watch easily over the Prime, Amazon or Other Podcast Platforms

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