Most Common Stairlift Problems And How To Fix Them

stairlift repairs

With the advent of stairlifts, life for the elderly has become easier. This is because they are now easily able to travel from one floor to another without any external help. This not only helps them in being independent but also opens new opportunities to complete daily tasks themselves. However, like with any other machine, a stairlift also tends to suffer issues. There are various stairlift repairs that have to be done in order to ensure the best functioning of a stairlift. However, many issues can be solved at home itself.

Mentioned below are some common stairlift problems and ways to fix them.


The seats that are installed in the stairlifts have a standard position. This position is supposed to be maintained to avoid problems. A common issue with seats is that they get inclined towards landing due to the weight of the user. You should ensure that you are fixing this issue before someone uses it as it can cause safety risks. All you need to fix the issue is to place the seat back into its original position, tighten it and lock it back to its place.


Stairlift repairs also include small problems. Many times there are items like loose boarding, toys, small appliances, clothes, etc., lying on the stairs. These act like obstructions while the stairlift is in motion. To avoid problems, you should ensure that the stairs and nearby area are clean. This is important as the sensors installed in it can detect even the smallest obstruction. You should change the direction of the stairlift and remove the obstruction before placing it back to its original position.


A stairlift makes use of electrical circuits to gain power and battery. If the stairlift is not receiving enough power, this might be due to a problem with the power source. This issue is extremely common and easy to fix. A red light installed in the machine makes the owner aware of any problems. All you have to do is check the power outlet and ensure that the stairlift is getting an appropriate power source.

Remote Control

Not only does a stairlift help people to transport from a lower floor to the upper floor, but it also provides various other purposes. One can use it to transfer different objects around the house. Because of this, it comes with remote control. A person can easily move it from one place to another with the controller. However, many times the controller does not work. To fix these stairlifts repairs, you should check the remote control and change its batteries if required.


When there is any problem with the stairlift, it starts making sounds like a constant beeping or red light. These sounds indicate the presence of a problem. If the problem is serious, a red light will appear on the machine. You should fix this issue immediately. A sound will remind you of any repair that is supposed to be conducted. There might be problems like lack of power, loose wires, insufficient battery, etc. You should ensure that you are fixing these problems by tightening the wires, adjusting the seat, and ensuring enough power supply.


These are just some of the many common stairlift problems and how to fix them. You should make full use of these issues and repair them yourself. This will not only make you more independent but will also save the extra costs of hiring someone for stairlift repairs. You can easily the common problems without depending on someone. However, you should consult a professional in case of serious problems to avoid mishaps and other accidents. Be careful while fixing the issues and ensure the best for your family.

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