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Rajesh Krishnan is a multitalented director in Bollywood. He has directed more than a thousand commercials to date. He ventured into Bollywood with the slipper hit of last year “Lootcase”. Rajesh Krishnan is an Indian film maker, screen writer and Producer in the Mumbai Film Industry Which surprised everyone during lockdown with quirky and funny one-liners. It was like medicine for the people during the lockdown. Rajesh Krishnan grew up in the Mumbai suburb, Goregaon and had a strict middle-class, Palakkad Iyer family upbringing It was slated to release in 2019 but due to some reasons producers shifted it in 2020 and it was postponed again. And it released on Hotstar in spite of theatre or big screen due to covid or lockdown. But everything against Rajesh Film helped him and conditions acted as medicine for the film and it became one of the best comedy films of the decade and for it, he got 8 nominations in Filmfare and won as the best debut director for Lootcase.

Lootcase’ Director Rajesh Krishnan next an action-adventure

Rajesh Krishnan is a powerhouse of talent. He is one of the best directors in Bollywood. He is working as a director, writer, and musician, and actor for a decade. He is a master of comedy and quirky cinema. He directed near about 700 commercials of these decades. Which were like on the fingertips of everyone from this generation i.e. Men will be men, Mentos dimag ki batti jala, amaron batteries, and Naukri ads.
He directed a web series TVF tripling. Which was very famous among teens and the online movie generation. Sumeet Vyas got huge fame through it. Rajesh Gave music for it. Rajesh’s Current stint was Lootcase with Foxstar studios. Which gave him 8 nominations in Filmfare awards and he won as best debut director in the end. Which was like a surprise for him.

Rajesh Krishnan hails from Mumbai. He is born and brought up in a city of dreams. He is one of the famous comedy directors in the Indian film and advertisement industry. He started his career as a copywriter in an ad agency and slowly he learned the basics of the creative industry. Then in later 2010 he started directed ad commercials and later on came with Sodafilms with Ameya Dahibhavkar.
Rajesh also directed for TVF name tripling starring Sumeet Vyas. Then he ventured into Bollywood with Lootcase starring Kunal Khemu. He struggled a lot to bring it alive on screen. But finally, the film came on-screen via Hotstar. It became very famous in the whole digital space and ruled the charts during the lockdown. And became the sleeper hit of 2020. Rajesh won the best debut award as a director from Filmfare for the film. He was nominated as best film, screenplay writer, and dialogue writer too. He is in process of making few more films in the coming days. And he is directed and acted in a Netflix commercial with Ranbir Kapoor.

Rajesh Krishnan is an unconventional director whose journey is started from scratch. He is a funny guy who observes things from daily life and then implements it in his work. His work in the ad world is the inspiration for all of us. His few ads are the rage in today’s life. People use his ad slangs to address each other in fun. He uses sarcasm in a very funny way. He is basically the father of the meme world of the internet era. All the meme pages use his punchlines to generate daily content in the meme world for e.g. Men will be men, Harry Saddoo, Amaron Battery, Mentos Dimaag Ki Batti Jalla de, etc. Everyone from all generations is a fan of his work. He is learned cinema by observation and relativity from daily life. His observation of minute nuances is one the best in today’s era and he brings common sense in his content which is a very rare art in today’s cinema.

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