Long Term Adverse Effects of Paracetamol Tablet– Must Read

Long Term Adverse Effects of Paracetamol Tablet– Must Read

Paracetamol is a painful drug. Taking paracetamol is more harmful than beneficial. Prolonged intake is very harmful. Skin rashes and allergies. There was no slight pain in the head that Reema took a paracetamol bullet. Not only Reema, but many people do the same like Reema. People find self -medication an easy, cheap and short time remedy. But the relief in a short time soon turns into a permanent habit and the body is vulnerable to many diseases.

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Admittedly, paracetamol is such an analgesic drug that is easily taken, as well as pregnant women. Due to not being more harmful, this medicine can be easily taken without a doctor at Indian medical shops. But even if you are troubled by a minor fever without doctor advice, you take paracetamol pills and if you have been doing this for many years, then be careful. Because taking paracetamol in minor pain or fever every time can be more harmful than beneficial. Excessive use of this can harm many body organs. Let us know how taking paracetamol without a doctor’s advice is harmful for the body.

Have you ever seen written on the packet of medicine that taking a large amount of paracetamol can damage the liver. Yes, doctors say that a person should not take more than 3 grams of paracetamol in a day and if you have to take it for some reason, then first ask your doctor.

Pregnant And Harmful For Children

You will also be surprised to know that if the paracetamol, considered safe for the pregnant, is given to the pregnant without examination, then the paracetamol pill considered safe can create a stop in the complete development of the child growing in the womb. According to the National Health Service, pregnant women should not take paracetamol without medical advice.

These 5 diseases can be caused by taking paracetamol

Effect on kidney

It is very harmful to consume prolonged paracetamol as a pain reliever. It damages it rather than taking back pain without doctor advice. According to researchers at the University of Sydney published in the British Medical Journal, people use paracetamol easily to reduce osteoarthritis and back pain, but it affects the kidney.

Abdominal Gas Problem And Skin Allergy

In many cases, excessive intake of paracetamol can cause gas problems in the stomach. So if you are troubled by indigestion or heaviness in the stomach, then it may be done by consuming paracetamol. Apart from this, some people consume more paracetamol which causes rash and allergies on the skin, which also causes itching or irritation.

Problem Of Asthma

It is only when there is a slight fever, we start giving paracetamol to our child. But many researches have proved that giving paracetamol to children at the age of 6-7 years promotes the symptoms of asthma in their body. The World Health Organization also believes that children should be given paracetamol only when there is 101.3 ° F fever.

Loss to liver

If you are suffering from a jaundice or any liver problem, eating paracetamol without consulting a doctor can cause liver damage. In many cases there are also chances of liver failure. Therefore, before taking the medicine, take advice from your doctor.

Dull Emotions

Apart from this, many times after taking paracetamol, you feel very lethargic. So in this case, consult a doctor.

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