Keeping One Step Ahead of Thieves and Carnappers

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Vehicle security is getting better all the time, but as a result, car thieves are also becoming more clever. Staying one step ahead of them is the key to protecting assets like expensive, classic cars. Read on to find out how to outsmart today’s thieves and keep high-value vehicles safe.

Understand the Risks

Some of today’s luxury vehicle manufacturers incorporate high-tech locks and safety systems into their cars as a factory standard. Think about it, though. The reason these automotive manufacturers use high-security keys is that they know how much of a target the cars are to thieves.

The problem with high-security keys is that they can lull drivers into a false sense of safety and security. Vehicle owners can get door unlocks, key repairs, and more from Action Lock Doc. If the area’s most reputable locksmiths have technology that helps them gain access to vehicles, the thieves most likely will, too. Don’t assume that a car is not at risk.

Change the Locks

Classic car owners almost always want to keep their rides looking and driving as close as they can to the original factory specs. However, locks and keys should not be left factory-standard. Classic car owners should have them replaced with modern locks that aren’t as easy to pick. Smart car thieves know not just that classic vehicles are worth serious money but also that they are notoriously easy to steal, making them easy targets. A fix as quick as just changing the locks can deter some would-be car thieves.

Set an Alarm

Just like keys have come a long way in recent years, so have alarm systems. Older car alarms that set off sirens can certainly deter some thieves by drawing attention. However, they do little good if drivers are away from their vehicles, and even if they are nearby, all car alarms sound the same. Most car owners just ignore them. Instead of relying on a standard car alarm, install an automotive security system that sends push notifications via a phone app when the system is triggered.

Install and Use a Tracking System

Many modern vehicles come with tracking systems already installed, but not all do. Plus, not all drivers use the technology. Installing a tracking system in an older vehicle or making sure it’s turned on and in use in a newer one won’t necessarily stop a car from being stolen, but it might deter thieves from going too far once they realize that they are being tracked. Plus, a vehicle tracking system will make it easier for the authorities to retrieve the car.

Find Safe Parking

For uniquely valuable cars, including classic and certain types of modern luxury vehicles, finding the right place to park can make a big difference when it comes to security. This is especially true for drivers who leave cars in storage for part of the year. When cars are parked on their own properties, owners can take precautions to ensure the vehicles are safe. At storage facilities, the business owner is responsible for preventing theft, so make sure that person takes their duties seriously.

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Get Professional Help

Most drivers need to get professional help from local locksmiths if they want to beef up their automotive security. Locksmiths aren’t just experts at getting into locked cars. They’re also pros at keeping unauthorized parties out

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