How to Pick Your Perfect Honeymoon Destination in 2023

How to Pick Your Perfect Honeymoon Destination in 2023

The finest justification for taking your most significant, unforgettable, and spectacular trip is getting married to the love of your life. Choosing the ideal location for your honeymoon might be overwhelming with so many alluring options available. Because there is simply so much of the globe. Would you rather embark on an urban adventure, luxuriate at a top-notch resort that screams romance, or choose one of the other options?

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Best Honeymoon Destinations Around the World

Should you take a domestic or international honeymoon? Although most individuals choose to travel abroad, Roca points out that Americans have a lot to offer honeymooners. Regarding domestic honeymoons, he says, “With every type of terrain and every activity under the sun, you can be as sleepy and comfortable or as active as you like.”

Roca recommends Hawaii for its countless water activities and unspoilt beaches, highlighting in particular Maui’s opulent resorts and year-round sunshine. He continues by saying that couples looking for an adventure and a well-deserved getaway from the metropolis may consider visiting Montana. “National parks and glacier parks, ski areas, mountain biking routes, and ranches are all present. The Green O and The Ranch at Rock Creek are two of our favourite places.” He also emphasises Napa and Sonoma for wine and cuisine lovers. There is even a Napa Valley wine train, but if wine isn’t your thing, try a balloon ride or a round of golf. At night, unwind at a posh inn on the banks of the Napa River or a boutique hotel surrounded by green vines.

Donaldson-Brown advises honeymooners to take the Caribbean into consideration if they want to travel abroad without leaving the United States. In the Caribbean, she adds, couples may have a honeymoon abroad without travelling too far from home. “For numerous reasons, including dependability, steady weather, a wide variety of activities, reasonable flights, and, of course, affordability, the Caribbean has always been a great choice for newlyweds. Your ideal honeymoon might be spent in Curaçao or Grenada, both of which are famed for their diving and outdoor adventure, if your relationship is more on the adventurous side. Barbados or Saint Lucia, which are noted for their supreme tranquilly, may be a better choice if your love is easygoing like a Sunday morning.”

Further abroad, Roca suggests islands like the Seychelles, French Polynesia, Bora Bora, the Maldives, and sometimes even a week in Sri Lanka. They all provide a sense of seclusion that is hard to get elsewhere, as well as an extremely romantic otherworldly atmosphere. Bali, the home of candlelight dinners and breathtaking sunrises, as well as Morocco, which has something for everyone regardless of price, are recommended by Roca for exceptional value. When it comes to Morocco, there are many options: you can stay at a riad and unwind by the pool, visit the High Atlas Mountains, go by car, or ride a camel through the Sahara. The extended period of pleasant weather from May to September, according to Roca, is one of Europe’s main draws to the French Cote d’Azur.

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Location Selection Considerations for a Honeymoon

  • Budget

Roca cautions couples to “be practical about your budget and expect the unexpected,” adding that they should be ready for unforeseen expenses. “The secret lies in preparation, research, and extensive planning. If the honeymoon is abroad, you should also think about travel and lodging.” A honeymoon can be cheaper if it is taken out of season, according to Roca.

Where you choose to honeymoon will obviously depend on your budget, but choosing an all-inclusive resort can make your money go farther and give you peace of mind while you’re away. All-inclusive resorts like Sandals, which are renowned for their luxurious features, are a great choice for honeymooners because they allow couples to put their wedding finances behind them and stop worrying about the cost every day of their stay, according to Donaldson-Brown.

  • Timing and Length

Consider how long you intend to spend exploring the world with your beloved while keeping your budget in mind. Are you preparing a short “mini-moon” or a lengthy “mega-moon”? Your location search can be made more focused if you are aware of how long you would like to (or are able to) spend on your honeymoon. Don’t wait to begin your research once you have some ideas.

The wedding date, the weather, and the time of year are a few timing aspects that Roca mentions: “These will pretty much dictate everything from what clothes to wear to what activities you indulge in.” He advises newlyweds to steer clear of all important occasions, public holidays, and months with unpredictable weather while making travel plans. Neither a washout nor travel during a disaster-prone time are something you want to do.

A Familiar or New Destination

We all have our favourite spots, but what is more romantic than experiencing a new experience as a newlywed couple? asks Donaldson-Brown, encouraging honeymooners to venture outside of their comfort zones. Likewise, Roca advises picking a location that is novel to both parties. If the pair is exploring and learning together for the first time, he says, “it makes a more memorable memory.”

Tips to Choose Your Ideal Location for honeymoon

  • Create a wish list.

Couples should discuss their individual ideas of the ideal honeymoon. Which aspect of the trip—pampering, relaxation, adventure, cultural enrichment, or a combination of all these aspects—do you most desire? How can you satisfy the needs of both parties? Roca proposes that you both create bucket lists and lists of your travel destinations, then compare them. He emphasises that the key is compromise. If you enjoy visiting art galleries and museums, don’t plan a trip to the Maldives, and if your significant other prefers to laze by the beach, don’t fly to Madrid.

Consider a multi-destination trip.

Consider a multi-stop trip as an excellent approach to include both of your ideal getaways. According to Essentialist, the most popular honeymoon consists of an equal amount of adventure (perhaps a week) and downtime, Roca says. According to him, “Patagonia and the wine districts of Argentina and Chile offer an unusual blend of the great outdoors—as wild as it gets—amid glaciers, valleys, and large open plains, alongside some serious pampering, luxury lodging, and excellent food and wine.” Due to their close vicinity, Lake Como and Venice make wonderful combinations for vacations.

Avoid overplanning.

Make sure there is enough time to just relax and have fun with each other. Wherever the destination, Roca advises trying every other day rather than scheduling two or three things each day to allow for some relaxation. If your anxiety over organising your honeymoon is getting the best of you, don’t be afraid to enlist the assistance of a travel agent. This is the most memorable trip a newlywed couple will ever have, so having someone who can point you in the correct direction, talk to you about your worries, show you options for destinations, and customize everything for you is undoubtedly a plus, he continues.

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Wrapping Up

Remember that your honeymoon is a time to relax after months of rigorous wedding planning and to celebrate your love while also forward to the future together. The best way to put it is how Donaldson-Brown puts it: “There are no prerequisites for a successful trip, and honeymooning couples are guaranteed to create enduring memories of love wherever they are.”

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