How To Market Your Dental Practice This Christmas 2023

How To Market Your Dental Practice This Christmas 2022

Christmas is just around the corner. So today is the best time to start planning for your dental marketing strategies that showcase your practice and the spirit of this festive season.

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There are tons of dental marketing ideas that you can add some holiday content and twist with proven effective dental marketing strategies.

Whatever dental marketing strategies you will push through by the end of this year, remember to create Christmas holiday-themed content to attract more patients to get more dental appointments in the new year.

Marketing for dentists this Christmas could be fun, festive, and effective when you follow these dental marketing tips and strategies.

  1. Create a High-Quality Christmas-Themed Content

This busy season, You need to create entertaining and educational content for the Christmas season to stay relevant and provide value to your patients when showing your expertise during this festive season.

To give you dental marketing ideas, you can try posting this type of content:

  • FREE Holiday gift guide
  • Dental office decor sneak peek
  • Dental Team behind the scene Christmas tradition or costume
  • Your dental office Christmas party
  • Christmas oral health tips
  1. Create a Holiday Dental PPC Campaign

Marketing for dentists this season is fierce.

The competition for attention during the holiday season is tight, so you need to boost your awareness, engagement and sales this holiday with a PPC campaign.

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Here are dental marketing strategies to help you improve your PPC campaign this Christmas:

  • Review your past Christmas campaigns.
  •  Analyze which channels generated the most bookings.
  • Use this data to create a better PPC Christmas campaign.
  • Identify your budgets for testing new platforms.
  • Choose your campaign objective. What is your ultimate goal in running ads? Is it to boost online brand awareness or increase sales?
  • Identify your target audience with your ads. Are these your past patients, current website visitors, engaged users on your social media, and many more?
  • Build a holiday-optimized landing page for your dental deals and discounts.
  • Re-engage your users from your social content, ads or website visitors.
  1. Spread the spirit of Christmas to your patients

Christmas is all about giving and spreading love this season.

Dental marketing ideas could be as simple as giving back to your community and your patients.

A Christmas dental kit, community sponsored event, or a holiday raffle price like a free dental cleaning could work.

You can also try these dental marketing strategies to give back to your patients this holiday:

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  • Send a thank you email to your patients.
  • Host a Christmas giveaway on social media‍ for your patients and followers

Tip: Choose to give away products based on your specialization. If you are focusing on cosmetic dentistry, it’s advisable to give a free teeth whitening kit as a prize or giveaway product. Give a reward to your loyal patients with discounts.

  1. Notify your patients to take advantage of unused dental benefits

It is the perfect time of the year to remind your patients to use this final opportunity to use their dental benefits before the end of the year.

This type of approach in marketing for dentists might be a gentle nudge for your patients to visit. It could also increase the dental appointment frequencies in your practice.

Your patients will appreciate the reminder to get their dental checkups and treatments before the end of the year.

Send a blast email on why they should take advantage of their dental benefits this season.

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