How To Market Your Dental Practice For Black Friday

How To Market Your Dental Practice For Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days during the holiday season. Different businesses offer great discounts to customers for the next five days until Monday, known as Cyber Monday.

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Black Friday 2021 has over 88 million buyers shopping online, and online sales hit up to $8.9 billion!

It means the potential for your dental practice could take a big piece of the pie this year is possible as long as you have a dental marketing strategy to execute for Black Friday.

Marketing for dentists during Black Friday, when done right, can help boost brand awareness and double your revenue.

Today, we will cover some of the dental marketing ideas you can use to attract your existing and target patients and convert them to active ones for the upcoming Black Friday.

  1. Anchor the National Flossing Day

Did you know National Flossing Day is the same day as Black Friday?

It is a perfect time to celebrate dental health and good deals and discounts.

Some dental marketing tips could be creating social media content or a blog on how to floss and upsell special deals for electric toothbrushes, teeth whitening products and dental consultations.

  1. Create A Countdown Promo

Consumers like to check out all the upcoming and best offers beforehand.

You can help your patients with purchasing decisions by preparing your offers.

Some dental marketing tips that could work to secure your service or product to be on your patient list are:

  • Offering a sneak peek of your upcoming offers, discounts, and bundles with teasers.
  • Describe in detail your deals and discounts.
  • Highlight the discount value.
  • Feature the offer on your dental website.
  1. Level Up Your Social Media Game

Did you know that almost half of the consumers that make an online purchase during Black Friday are Millenials?

These stats show that we should also focus on raising our dental marketing efforts to millennials and the channels they use to make online purchases.

You can try some of these dental marketing tips for your social media channels:

  • Build the hype and create a countdown promo video, social media posts, or blog.
  • Link your product and services on sale in your social media posts.
  • Use relevant hashtags such as #BlackFridaySale, #FridaySales, #ThanksgivingSales, #CyberMondaySales, #CyberMonday, etc. It will help increase your chances of getting discovered by potential customers.
  • Create your branded hashtags for your dental office to stand out and specify the products you’re offering.

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  1. Try Facebook live-selling during Black Friday

Using Facebook live in marketing for dentists can give an advantage to dental practices that will use it during Black Friday.

Utilizing Facebook and its access to the world’s largest audiences online can drive revenue despite the market.

Businesses that create an online video grow their revenue 49 percent faster yearly than those that don’t.

Use this opportunity to utilize Facebook’s unique features for better audience engagement and revenue.

This Black Friday, have a fun experiment with Facebook and Instagram live. Have a live-selling with your dental products for better patient engagement and to boost your sales!

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