How to Know She’s Wifey Material

How to Know She’s Wifey Material

Marrying has never been the difficult part, but marrying ‘The One’ is. Men are often caught up in a strange dilemma when deciding who to settle down with. Most of the time, they are bewildered by what she looks like and majorly fail out on nailing a keeper.

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The question really is What are you looking for? Are you looking for a trophy chick to hang on your hand to make you feel good when you hang with the guys? Or you’re looking for a ‘Wife’!

If a chick is your goal, then that’s not a problem. You can find that anywhere. But if a wife is what you’re looking for, these 10 clues from Afrojuju will help you nail in on the right one.

  1. She’s never ready to have sex with you until marriage. Snort as much as you want, but I’m positive you don’t want to be with someone who’s been with the whole world. If you do, now I’m snorting.

  2. She spends more time supporting your vision and aligning yours to hers. It shows she has your best interest at heart, most importantly, she has your back.

  3. She is ever ready to tell you the slightest thing that happens to her and allows you to handle it. Shows she is not secretive and respects your views.

  4. She spends time developing her mind and rates value more than love. Shows she is keen on being your help mate which is surely God’s destiny for wives.

  5. She always dresses decently, but attractive to avoid No. 1. demonstrates that she is not only morally upright but also has strong morals that can maintain a family.

  6. She is not demanding. Asks for nothing even when she’s sure she deserves it. Shows you won’t go bankrupt within the first year of marriage.

  7. She compliments your actions and corrects you calmly. Shows she not only appreciates you, but totally respects you. I guess you can foresee a peaceful home with that.

  8. She is constantly prepared to hear you when you cry and to scream when she is scared. conveys complete submission.

  9. She offers up prayers for your continued growth and spiritual connection. demonstrates her wish for you to continue serving as the household’s head and fulfil your God-given potentials.

  10. She talks about your family and how to solve their needs. Shows she sees your family as hers now and will always work for their good.

With these clues, it will be easy to identify a wifey material amidst the bevy of ladies in the world. Don’t back your friend or loved ones up in a corner, pressuring them to convince you she’s the one for you. Look out for these traits in that woman you are seeing and if she fails on all counts, take a pass and find your one. But if she is every last bit of these traits, then what are you waiting for? Pop the question before someone else beats you to it.

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