How To Go About With a Physio Appointment


Physio Mount Hawthorn is a type of treatment to help restore and maintain your functionality and mobility. When you have your first appointment, you should arrive a little early because there will probably be paperwork that you need to fill out. Once back in the exam room the nurse will take your medical history and ask what your current issue is. This is part of the assessment.

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During the assessment, the physiotherapist will have you do some basic movements like lying down, standing, or sitting. They also check your limbs to see how much flexibility you have. The tests are usually pain-free but may experience some discomfort around the areas where you are having the problems.  Make you state what you are feeling because it will help the physiotherapist know what treatment will be best. It will also help to narrow down the real reason for the issue.

Once the physiotherapist has a treatment plan formalized, then the physio North Perth can start. Some of the common treatments include:

  • Trigger point therapy, which is direct pressure is applied and held still.
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Dry needling is where very fine needles are placed into your tissue. It does not hurt but may cause a small twitch.
  • Joint mobilization involves applying pressure to the joint to help increase movement

After the first visit, you will be set up with a quick chart to determine at each appointment exactly how much you have improved since the last visit and if anything needs to be changed.

How many physio Mount Hawthorn appointments you will need will depend on several factors.

  • Which area is causing the symptoms
  • How long have you had the symptoms
  • Extent of injury
  • How good you follow the treatment plan
  • Your lifestyle and fitness level before the pain

When you go for your appointment, make sure you are wearing loose-fitting and comfortable clothing that will not hinder your movement. You want to be able to move your spine, shoulders, hips, or knees. While at your physio North Perth, you will also be given a set of exercises for you to do at home each day plus any other necessary devices needed to do them. You may do them once or twice a day.

These at-home exercises will help to speed up the healing process, so it is important to do them. Most sessions will last 30 minutes but the first visit will be a little longer with filling out paperwork and getting a treatment plan worked out.

If your injury or pain is caused by lifestyle factors such as heavy lifting, they may give you tips on how to do it to help prevent the injury from rehappening.


The first appointment is more to find out what your issue is, how long it has been going on, your pain level, and your medical history.  It can also include some stretching exercises and massage but it all depends on what your issue is.  If you are having neurological, circulatory, or musculoskeletal issues, you should ask your primary physician about being referred for physio treatments.

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