How to Get the O Archon, Have I Done Right?

O Archon Have I Done Right

The “O Archon, Have I Done Right?” is one of the world quests in Genshin Impact that you need to complete to achieve your maximum reputation level in Inazuma.

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Because you can only obtain this quest as a daily commission, patience and recall are the keys to success. It follows that you cannot anticipate when you will receive it.

There are two commissions in this line of global quests, and you must make the correct decision to start the second one. The world quest will begin if the appropriate options are chosen in each of the three commissions.

Initial Commission Mission

Oh Archon, Hear Me is the first. This may be obtained from Shouta at the shrine in Inazuma City, two staircases down and slightly west of the teleport waypoint.

Shouta is a little boy who wants to make an offering to the shrine in order for the Archon to grant him his request.

He’ll ask you to assist him. Ask Yayoi Nanatsuki to instruct him on how to create lacquerware so he can use it as a shrine offering.

Because the technique will take more than one night to learn and the materials are not easily accessible, Nanatsuki will decline his request.

Now that lacquerware is no longer an option, Shouta will ask you what he should give when you get back to the shrine. He’ll force you to pick either a Tricolor Dango or a bag of petals. For this quest, you should pick the Tricolor Dango.

You’ll discover something that was presented to the shrine the following day. The second part of the daily commission for the “O Archon, Have I Done Right?” series will therefore be given to you the following day.

Mission 2 of the Commission

You will probably receive a commission as a follow-up to Shouta’s previous request the day after you discovered and studied an object close to the temple where Shouta made her wish. “O Shrine, Show Your Power Once Again!” is the title.

The youngster is thrilled to inform you that he heard back from the Archon. He would like to express a second request and present gifts to the city’s other two shrines.

You must decide whether to visit the shrine at Komore Teahouse or the one on the outskirts first. Select one of the two options before assisting Shouta in deciding to offer sweets in fulfilment of his requests.

You can decide to go to the alternative place once you wait till you receive this commission again. You still need to recommend that Shouta bring food to the temple as his offering. If you’re lucky, this task will come up again the next day; else, you’ll have to wait a few days.

You can now access the world quest “O Archon, Have I Done Right?” after finishing this daily commission for both locations.

O Archon, Have I Done Right? Quest Guide

For this global quest, return to the shrine inside the city and speak with Shouta.

The young boy is dissatisfied that the god has not yet responded to him and that his wishes were not realised. Check the shrine outside the city, he will ask you.

Treasure hunters will be looking about the shrine when you get there looking to steal anything. The thieves will run away from the scene after being stopped and challenged. Shouta can never understand why his requests were denied.

You’ll then need to inquire with citizens of the city as to how making offerings to the shrine operates.

You must first speak with Kouichi, a youngster who is waiting by a tomato garden close to the city’s entrance.

You must then speak with Yayoi Nanatsuki, the proprietor of Yayoi Lacquerware. She will make an effort to describe to Shouta what it means to make sacrifices and pray to a god.

The mission will be finished following the debate, and you can cross it off your list of global quests that must be performed in order to improve your Inazuma reputation.


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