How to Find a Job in a Tough Economy

How to Find a Job in a Tough Economy

It is no news that the Nigerian economy has dropped immensely and it is becoming even more challenging for new graduates or people out of jobs to secure a job. However it would interest you to know that amidst these trying times, a tiny few people are still securing jobs and good ones at that. Laura Larimer and Abshier House are of the view that these people have been wise in taking extraordinary steps in their job search to land them the gold. Here are the tips by Laura and Abshier you need on how to land yours as well.

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Network as much as possible

This is not merely making friends! It’s more putting yourself out there to make relevant contacts. Keep your ears down for such events, outings, training, parties etc. that would present you with people that provide you with great leads and opportunities. And when these contacts are made, STAY IN TOUCH!

Do proper research

If you have a company or firm in sight for employment, be careful to research all there is to know about them. Visit their website, keep abreast of the mission, what they do, the managers and most importantly how you fit in and what you can bring to the table. Make contact with a named individual in your department of interest (these information are often available on the website) and present yourself well.

Follow up after application

Do not abandon your application after making contact. Persist in following up maybe once to avoid being perceived as a hopeless case. Either send a mail or put a call across just to draw their attention to your application.

Follow up after the interview

A follow up with your interviewers may be necessary in the mask of appreciation. Either send a mail or a call to thank them for the opportunity and hope to get a positive correspondence.

Get a business card

This becomes very effective in networking scenes. Make sure you have all your contact information on it and hand them out to new contacts. Also make the most of opportunities to post your resume online and have the URL for it on your card. Laura and Abshier are of the view that it would save you from having to burden people with a paper copy.

Consider volunteer jobs

Look out for volunteer jobs as this would give you the necessary exposure in your field and open up opportunities that may result from networking.

Watch your social media

Be careful what you do or post on social media as companies these days are in the habit of checking applicants up on social media to get a true feel of who they are apart from what their resume says. That innocent casual post may be just what may make you lose that job. So be careful.

Sign up to professional networks online

LinkedIn is an example of a professional network you should be signed up to. A perfect opportunity to market yourself to employers and see first-hand available vacancies that may suit your speciality. Oftentimes employers even make contacts, so be wise in selling yourself right.

Acquire new skills

The need to learn new software and get experience using it is of utmost importance as the times are changing and companies are getting ahead with new technologies. Sign up to new courses online e.g. Microsoft word, excel, etc. and basically upgrade yourself.

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