How to Create Your Perfect Look

How to Create Your Perfect Look

I have come to realise that the major issues most women and men face amongst their peers is the issue of ‘Low self-esteem’. In This Article We are talking about How to Create Your Perfect Look People are oblivious to the beauty they exude. Society has so labelled beauty as just what we look like. Hence, we often fail to realise that true beauty extends to the state of your heart. If you don’t feel beautiful, you can’t look at it! If you don’t believe you’re beautiful, you can’t feel it either!

What is most worrisome is, people need to hear they are beautiful or they look good before they believe it. Or some look up to their friends or foes as the case may be to define their style. If you ask me, you have reduced yourself to just a shadow of others. How about being you for a change?

Understanding your style comes from accepting yourself and knowing your body. You can’t keep calling your friends to ask what they plan to wear every time you have an outing. Knowing your style and creating your perfect look each time you step out is a sign of confidence. So, have a re-think. Do you want to be your own person? Or who your friends are? I choose to be me, every day. Choose the same.

These tips from WikiHow will guide you on how to create a perfect look for yourself when the next outing calls. It’s about time you became the party’s centre of attention! Don’t you think?

. Realise that you’re beautiful. Beauty isn’t what you look like. It’s who you are inside. That’s what people feed off. The sooner you start believing it and acting on it, the better for you.

. Discover your style. Clothes that define your person, character and how you feel, reflects your style. The fit, the colour and how comfortable it is then compliments it. If it’s still difficult finding your style, go online and google the different dress styles and identify one that is you.

. Experiment with your look.  If the above sounds like rocket science. Then this step will work a lot faster. Try out different clothes in the mirror and decide what suits you and works for you. Oh! I do this all the time and it’s yet to fail me.

. Find clothes that fit.  Wearing oversized clothing is a total turn off, I tell you. So find clothes that fit your shape and size. Settle on the right colours. The point is to settle for clothes that work for you. If it doesn’t fit, lose it.

. Be versatile in your wardrobe.  Try not to be a one-trick pony. Let your wardrobe be functional and fun. Your wardrobe must represent the different outing settings.

. Accessorise to make the difference. It’s funny how a simple accessory can change the look of a cloth from just simple to classy. So do not hold back on those accessories.

. Use your hairstyle.  Your hairstyle is also one of the easiest means of boosting your looks. Try out different styles, colours, hair accessories….pack it up, let it down……cut it off (Just Kidding! Lol). Basically whatever works for you and still makes a statement, go for it.

. Keep good personal hygiene.  There’s not much to add to this. Just stay clean everywhere.

. Get your makeup right.  Try to be moderate and subtle in your use of make-up and avoid losing the real you and thereby scaring people off.

. Always remember it is your body, your rules. You alone call the shots on what works and doesn’t work for your body. Having a perfect look lies in your hands. Do not allow society or people to make the decision for you.

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