How To Be Friends With Your Boss Without Making Things Weird

How do you maintain a friendship with your boss?

It is true that an employee spends the majority of their time with their bosses and for things to run smoothly, a good working relationship with the boss is often necessary. However, most employees scramble to buddy up with the boss for obvious reason win favours’! So they will suck up to the boss, buy them gifts, invite them for house parties…and so forth. When they eventually get the goal, in the haze of excitement, they mess things up by going to the extreme and eventually things become awkward and unbearable at the workplace.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s no crime to be friends with your boss, but you need to be wise to be able to conduct your relationship in a professional manner that would not affect the work and impact on the bottom-line. These 7 tips by Kat Boogaard of The Muse career site will guide you on how to handle a healthy relationship with your boss and avoid making things weird.

Always remember he is Boss….

While you’re cosying up having a drink with your buddy ‘The Boss’ or watching a game…etc. Remember he is your boss and give him his due respect and space. Avoid getting too close and personal. Be reserved in your association and earn your respect before him.

Don’t flaunt your friendship in the office…..

Avoid relieving your exciting experiences or conversations with your boss to your colleagues at work as you may stir unnecessary envy and bitterness in their hearts towards you.

Be inclusive….

Try not to make it a strictly you and the boss kind of relationship to avoid sending out the wrong messages and finding yourself in a ditch. Include your co-workers. Extend the ‘meet later for drinks’ invite to them. This will reinforce the fact that the relationship is fair and legitimate and will reduce the office gossip buzzing behind your back.

Avoid getting too familiar on social media….

If it is absolutely necessary, then accept or send a friend request to your boss. However, remember to keep it professional as social media does tend to introduce a whole new personal dynamic into a relationship.

Do not leverage your friendship for special treatment…

Your boss is expected to treat you as every other employee is treated. Never pull the friend card to get ahead. Wait your turn and allow due process for the running of things.

Communicate openly….

You must be able to draw a thin line between being professional and personal with your boss in order to give him his due respect. First of all, try to communicate openly about everything. 

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