How Proxies Help You Surf The Internet Undetected

How Proxies help you Surf the Internet Undetected

Proxy servers, also known as proxies, and VPNs conceal users’ IP addresses and locations by changing them to allow users to browse online undetected. VPNs are more difficult to obtain and maintain as they are configured at a system level. Although VPNs allow more traffic solutions, VPNs are usually recommended to be used at an organizational level. Proxies are more user-friendly and can be applied to multiple devices. Thus, proxies are more affordable and practical for individual users that wish to work around content blockages or website censorships. YiLu Proxy offers dynamic and static proxy options that can support large download and transfer speeds, which makes them a prized choice for gamers, streamers, and those who torrent.

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Proxy Benefits

Even though proxies are an outstanding option for individuals, businesses can also utilize them. Businesses, like parents, can install proxies to control, deny, and monitor forward web browsing capabilities. Otherwise, corporations can use reverse proxies to prevent cyberattacks and hacking through inquiry forms and user portals. Either way, incoming and outgoing information is masked so that an undesired third party cannot access banking accounts and personal details.

Overall, proxies are known to improve network performance and speeds. On the one hand, proxy services can use cache protocols to prevent unnecessary and reoccurring security scans for malware and viruses of trusted users and web pages. On the other hand, proxies work off of the network to create their own separately secure connection.

Little Concerns

Far few problems exist when using proxies. Usually, user concerns arise when using a free proxy server service, especially if they support ad-based revenue models — the provider may save user information and experiences to store privately, which could be later provided to law enforcement or investigations, or sold to third parties. Also, free proxies are not known for having encryption options that make hacking and spying on devices possible and put personal information, like credit card numbers, at a higher risk of being stolen.

Safe Pick

YiLu Proxy is a top choice for any business or individual looking for an excellent yet affordable proxy option. With 90 million rotating residential IP addresses available worldwide, connections are proprietary stable with meager drop rates and latency and high stability and uptime. Uptime availability is at 99.99% and the latency averages 10 milliseconds that matches and sometimes surpasses residential internet provides. Daily and monthly payment plans always come with timely technical support and tutorials.

For as low as $0.10 for 24-hour access, users can get a shared static IP address with unlimited bandwidth and traffic options through YiLu Proxy. Dedicated static IP addresses can be obtained at $5 per month per IP. Regardless, all their SOCKS5 IP addresses are clean and highly effective for data scraping to support even eCommerce platforms for marketing research on competitors or target audiences and to monitor local and international SEO indexes and rankings. Their enterprise-grade spider proxies are known to assist in advertising displaying results, verifications, and website testing to support global performance needs. Plus, users have the option to change their IP address at any time without an additional cost.

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