How Old Is My Phone: How to Find out the Age of Any Smartphone

how old is my phone

Although it is simple to determine when a phone was released, it is more difficult to determine when it was manufactured. Are you Want information regarding your phone How Old Is My Phone ?

You can use the Samsung serial number, IMEI number, or dialer code to find out when your Samsung phone or tablet was produced if you own one and wish to check the manufacturing date. Additionally, you may look for the mobile activation date for a Samsung Galaxy or any other Android phone. Once you’ve identified the manufacturing date, you can quickly determine how old your phone or tablet is and determine whether it is still covered by warranty. Additionally, we’ll look at how to find an Android device’s activation or unpacking date.

How Old Is My Phone Step By Step Guide

Although it is simple to determine when a phone was released, it is more difficult to determine when it was manufactured. There is no simple solution to this. It’s possible that your product was released for sale late in the production process or early. Each manufacturer has a unique method for marking the manufacturing date on a product. In this article, we’ll outline four ways for you to find out your phone’s manufacturing date. There is a potential that some of these techniques won’t work with your device because they are intricate and model-specific. In any case, it would be preferable to try it.

Check the box in which the phone was packaged as your first step in determining the age of your phone. You must have noticed the white label with words, numbers, barcodes, etc. on the phone box while you were taking the phone out of its box. Somewhere on the sticker will be written the date that your phone was made.

Make sure to compare the IMEI number of your device to the one shown on the sticker as you look for the manufacturing date on the box. If both numbers are the same, the gadget was manufactured correctly; otherwise, the manufacturing date would be incorrect. If this happens, you can try different approaches.

Attempt to decode the serial number.

The manufacturing date of a smartphone is included in the device serial number by manufacturers like Apple, Asus, and others. Every number on these devices represents a day, a month, or something else that enables you to determine the date of manufacture. The serial number can be found in your phone’s About section.

For instance, the third digit in an Apple serial number relates to the year’s last digit, and the fourth and fifth digits stand for the device’s year’s week.

Samsung gadgets’ serial numbers can serve to identify the dates of their manufacture. The fourth digit stands for the year, and the fifth digit for the manufacturing month.

Similar representations might be looked up on the business’ website. The next option can be used if you are having trouble understanding the serial number.

This method will primarily work on Android smartphones, but you can still give it a try if it’s available on your iPhone through the app store. These phone information applications gather information about your phone and reveal its age. These apps will need your permission to read information from the phone. Applications like Device info, Droid hardware info, Phone info SAM, etc. are available for download. You can search for “Phone info app” in the Play Store to find more such applications.

Check out the manufacturing code

The last method to determine the age of your phone is this one. However, these production codes are not only OEM-specific but also model-specific. Therefore, there is a possibility that this technique won’t function on your phone. In any case, you can still try it. Go to your phone’s dialer and enter any of the following codes to find out your phone’s age using the production code.

Your phone will launch a secret service menu if this technique is successful. Then select Hardware versions, followed by Menu version details. To find out the precise manufacturing date of your phone, go to Read manufacturing date.

How to Tell How Old Your Phone Is

Regardless of the type and manufacturer of your phone, there are a few common methods you may use to check the manufacture date, despite the fact that manufacturers frequently come up with their own distinctive ways to do so. To name a few:

Your Phone’s Purchase Box   

The first place you should check is the packaging of your phone. Many manufacturers place a date of production on the packaging of each mobile phone. The majority of them adhere a white sticker on the box’s back. You might see a few text, symbols, or barcodes on the sticker. The manufacturing date of your phone can be written somewhere on that sticker.

It’s critical to check that the IMEI number listed on the box matches the one displayed in your phone’s settings when you are there. If the two are different, there’s a possibility that the box isn’t the one that came with your phone and that the manufacture date is therefore off.


On some phones, the settings app displays the date the device was manufactured. Typically, the settings menu’s “About Phone” subdirectory has this information. The manufacturer might not always make the date evident, therefore you might need to employ a formula to determine when your phone was produced. As we will see later in this piece, iPhones are a good example.


Applications are now available that can search through your phone’s data or utilise the IMEI number to search web databases and determine the precise date that your phone was made. Because they are typically created in cooperation with the manufacturers, these applications may be manufacturer-specific. To access the data, you only need to download and install the application.

Manufacturing Code

If you know your phone’s manufacturing code, you might also be able to determine when it was made. Simply dial one of the following into your phone’s dial pad to locate this:

Manufacturing code, also written as manufacturingcode,

After entering, a service menu with crucial information about your phone, like its precise model, the date of manufacture, and the nation of manufacture, should appear.

We’ll now examine some methods specific to phones for determining the date of manufacture.

How to Tell How Old Your Android Phone Is

Due in major part to the fact that they provide the ideal foundation for a wide range of applications, Android phones are incredibly popular right now. How can you determine the precise date that your Android smartphone was made?

You may find the manufacturing date of your phone in the settings of the majority of Android brands. The “About Phone” tab can be found by going to Settings and searching for it. Words like Your Phone, About, or Phone Data may also be used in the section that displays information about your phone.

Alternatively, you can try this out: How Old Is My Phone

  1. Dial *#197328640#* or *#*#197328640#*#*. This should open the service menu.
  2. Tap “Menu Version Information.”
  3. Tap “Hardware Version”
  4. Select “Read Manufacturing date.”

A different code — *#000# — may also give you the manufacture date.

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