Home Improvements That Will Make Your Life Better


Many homeowners plan to make updates to their homes during the coming year. Major projects, including kitchen and bathroom remodeling, are always popular, but there are simple projects that add to a home’s value and make life more pleasant for residents. Here are a few examples of improvements to consider.

Bathroom Updates

Major projects that involve replacing fixtures, flooring, and even enlarging the space are popular, but less-extensive projects like converting to timer-run bath ventilation and adding a new vanity improve the space. If you’re considering bathroom improvements, take time to review your options with the experts at Simple Bath renovation services.

Add New Kitchen Countertops

Replacing kitchen cabinets is expensive, but the look and feel of a kitchen change dramatically with cosmetic improvements to the cabinets and adding new countertops. Many design experts recommend painting cabinets and adding new door and drawer hardware when replacing the countertops, but that’s not a must. We will connect you with a professional cabinet painter that can help you find the right paint color and handle your cabinetry painting project.

Install a New Front Door and Keypad Entry System

Many homes have older, unattractive doors that don’t seal well. That means energy bills are needlessly high, and owners don’t like the look of their entryway. Consider updating th front door to a new one that is well-insulated and attractive. At the same time, install a keyless entry system to enhance security and make life easier.

Investing into Smart Technology

Home improvements are an excellent way to make your life more comfortable and convenient. One of the best upgrades is an innovative home system that allows you to control your lights, thermostat, and security system from your phone. With this system, you can ensure your house is secure and energy-efficient even when you’re not home. Lastly, installing a water filtration system is another way of improving your home. Most people want to find home insurance, so having clean water at all times in your home will keep you healthy and insured.

Replace Dated Light Fixtures

Most homes still include old light fixtures that don’t function well or deliver needed light to all parts of a room. Consider replacing old incandescent fixtures with new energy-efficient options that improve lighting and reduce energy bills. Some of the new styles make dramatic changes in a room’s ambiance.

Repaint Those Dull Rooms

Trendy colors may not be the answer, but designers routinely recommend adding color to change the look and feel of any room. In some cases, there isn’t a need to repaint an entire room. Consider an accent wall or repaint the ceiling in a different color. White ceilings are no longer a must, so consider other color options.

Get Rid of Bulky Furniture

Many furniture designs are too massive for smaller rooms. Consider replacing those old, bulky pieces with smaller-scale pieces that still provide comfort and style. Opening up the home’s floor plan is expensive, but making a few changes to furnishings adds a spacious feel without the costs of removing walls.

Update Your Home’s Electrical System

While this isn’t an update homeowners can see, the benefits are well worth the investment. Most homes today include many sensitive electronic appliances and devices that need protection. However, older homes rarely have the number of circuits and outlets required to operate and protect those devices. Protect your home and family by updating aging electric systems to meet today’s needs. It is essential to hire an electrician to check your electric system to see any possible problems it may cause in the future. Addressing faulty wirings and upgrading your lines with the required voltage would prevent your home’s electric shortage and improve energy efficiency.

Add Ceiling Fans

With the cost of natural gas and electricity climbing, homeowners look for ways to cut costs while remaining comfortable. Ceiling fans make homes more comfortable throughout the year, and they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Focus on rooms used for several hours every day first and add fans to other rooms as funds are available.

Start Building a Better Life Today

Because so many smaller projects don’t involve significant expenses, start taking small steps to make your life better now rather than waiting until later. Whether that means updating a bathroom or adding built-in bookcases to a home office, starting those projects now adds to the value of a home and makes it more comfortable for everyone.

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