Homage to Oscar House by Luigi Rosselli

Homage to Oscar House by Luigi Rosselli

The genuinely created early 1960s classic modernist home by George Reeves is situated in a subtropical landscape in Bellevue Hill, New South Wales. It was renovated by Luigi Rosselli and is in fact a “Homage” to Oscar Niemeyer, with consideration given to the influences of both his and Lucio Costa’s work. The idea behind the whole approach for Luigi Rosselli & Studio Schelp as Architects, Alwill Interiors as Interior Designers, and landscape design by Dangar Barin Smith was an integration of the classic with a conscious contemporary equivalent. Unsurprisingly, the clients decided to keep the majority of the design’s components while hoping for a better fusion of interior and outdoor areas.

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The Design: General Planning and Philosophy

The Homage to Oscar mixes undulating shapes, curves, and the open premises right across all scales and aspects of design. It is classically white but fun due to the striking pairings of blue and green from its landscape and interiors. To enhance the building quality, thoughtful adjustments and a general refinish were carried out with a theme of movement fluidity, views, and solar aspects. Enhancing the design alignment with the original architect’s aim was the main goal of the renovation. While architects and landscape designers used a more straightforward, literal approach, interior designers took a more refined, nuanced approach, as explained in the following.

The client’s vision for the makeover was an all-white style that was bright, airy, and spacious with a mix between its classic elegance and mid-century features to create a more open family home. The previous plan was meticulously adjusted to make it more open, and it is luminous with influences from the Brazilian, Mediterranean, and mid-century modern styles. To replicate the desired initial impressions, the voluminous concrete awning above the entrance and the lengthy, densely planted driveway leading to it were enhanced. A new, more contemporary railing was added to the grand staircase, and the sinuously curved lounge ceiling was painstakingly repaired. The addition of skylights and the replacement of conventional windows with slender full-height ones that seamlessly connect to the outdoors are significant upgrades to the iconic home along with Luigi Rosselli’s signature curves. Communal spaces boasted an abundance of light and ventilation as certain walls were removed to provide infinite space opportunities.

With furniture choices made with preserving a unified environment in mind, the hierarchy of spaces in open plans was established. Alwill Interiors’ “Homage” to Oscar House consisted of delicately fusing organically curved functional objects with elegant colour schemes of white and light turquoise blue that were inspired by the Mediterranean style of the home. The interiors were decorated with a variety of designer objects that each had unique artistic and aesthetically pleasing qualities. The lush soft and hardscaping enhanced the landscaping and complemented the shapes’ inherent softness. On the garage rooftop, several succulents and spill-over plants were used. Landscape architects from Dangar Barin Smith meticulously shaped the circular motif around the subtropical garden while retaining the prominent trees to promote the outdoors as an equal to the timelessly elegant interiors. What distinguishes this homage from others is the way the garden is used as a varied outdoor space connected to the inside spaces with a strong yet subtle transition.

Materials in Design: Notable Improvements

With handmade ocean blue carpeting, brass handrails, and blue-black granite steps, the renovated entry staircase was given finishes to simulate the sensation of floating. The new gallery kitchen was distinguished by marble bench areas and a backsplash made out of tiles that were both sage and seafoam green. Slatted joinery finishes were chosen for the joinery in general, and the area was lit properly with fun textures in deep teal, rust, concrete, and burgundy tones. The seamless design is emphasised with pendant lighting, brass fixtures, and exquisite white steel doors. The mid-century modern home is tastefully enhanced by hand printed fish-on-silk wallpaper in the powder room, handmade “sea glass” tiles in the baths, and Calacatta Vagli marble in the suites with rich oak vanities. The distinctive furniture, which is distinguished by its harmonious textures, materials, and colours, reflects the curves in building design. Wood, leather, and linen textiles, creative tiles, marble accents, and glass insertions all contribute to the diverse style of the expertly planned home. Mount The gardens’ seamless transition between hard and soft landscaping is made possible by white sandstone pavers and native ground cover.

Sustainability as a Priority

As a crucial component of the Homage to Oscar House, passive design solutions were used to increase the functional dimensions of the indoor and outdoor areas. Full-height glass windows and doors in renovated walls provided excellent cross-ventilation, reducing the need for air conditioners. It’s just not that kind of a house, in Luigi’s opinion, to have all the windows closed. Additionally, high-performance glass and custom electrical shutters were placed to the windows. Due to its numerous drawbacks, paving stones in hardscaping and the size of the swimming pool were significantly reduced, and lush, tropical flora was instead added.

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