Hello Everybody My Name’s Evan D Craven- A Lyrics

Hello Everybody My Name's Evan D Craven- A Lyrics

Evan D. Kijek, also known as sKitz Kraven, was born in Madison, Wisconsin, on July 9, 1992. Kraven knew he would become an artist because he loved music as a child and listened to it constantly. He began playing the piano, drums, and various other percussion instruments at the age of 4. Early exposure to music improved his understanding of sound. In middle school, Kraven quickly developed a fondness for the rap scene. He began to fall for the rap game and the associated street life during his senior year of high school. Kraven was beginning to have some mental and emotional difficulties when he was 16 years old. Kraven started looking for strategies to deal with those obstacles.

Hello Everybody My Name’s Evan D Craven-

Hello Everybody My Name’s Evan D Craven- A LyricsAt the age of 18, he started using music as therapy. According to Kraven, “I would put my sorrow, rage, exhilaration, and emotions into all of my work and turned it into poetry, into a story.” He realised then that rap was his vocation. People began to recognise his true skill after he began rapping in his city. People couldn’t believe the horrible and raunchy things he would utter with his violent and grotesque lyrics. Even if they didn’t want to admit it, they were forced to pay attention to his original and startling poetry flow. They quickly began to mimic his style, follow his every move, and aspire to reach where he was. He truly served as the mayor of his city.

He was motivated to continue following his interest after seeing how his admirers responded to him. Kraven relocated to OC, California, at the age of 19. He packed his stuff and left. Kraven now has a sizable fan base and a fresh musical style thanks to his four years spent residing in California. He has performed on stages alongside numerous other artists, including Juicy J, Waka Flocka Flame, Ice Cube, Yelawolf, Future, Mickey Avalon, and Hopsin. Club producer in Orange County, California, Dre Nicholson, said of the performer, “His stage presence is out of this world.” He makes sure to get everyone in the building’s attention when he enters in front of the throng. His boisterous, passionate, and combative energy captivates the entire crowd. Kraven stated, “Performing is my life.” “I can’t tell you how many musicians do poor concerts and play just three songs to be paid. I’ve never known how a performer could simply stand there while rapping some of the words and moving their hand up and down. To me, that isn’t a performance. It’s a movie when I’m on stage; it’s not just a concert. Your memories of my enthusiasm and theatrical presence will last for years. That is how I perform a show while I am on stage.

With his gritty sounds and harsher lyrics, sKitz Kraven is introducing “horrorcore” into the scene and getting a lot of attention. His more well-known hits, “Time Out” and “What You Wearin,” which are receiving a lot of attention in the club scene this year not only in the United States but also in Germany, Mexico, South America, and Japan, have also captured the interest of the general public. In addition to being a master at generating dark music, sKitz is also a master at producing radio/club, r&b, and pop music. Additionally, sKitz just recently made available his brand-new single, “Magic,” which is a perfect illustration of his DARKER side.

Magic is beginning to seem like a highly successful song for sKitz Kraven and his entire brand, having received over 200,000 views on Facebook in just 7 days. Whatever you choose to call him, sKitz Kraven will lead a new generation of hip-hop artists; whether you call him the “Marilyn Manson of hip-hop,” “The artist who can do it all,” “The master of all genres,” or “The child of Eminem, Lil Wayne, and MGK.”

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