Hats Off To You In Recognition of April’s National Child Abuse Month

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Together, let’s let go of the guilt, walk with purpose, and lift our heads high.

Regarding This Event

Theresa Bowe, a luxury realtor, author, philanthropist, and CEO of the 82 Ways foundation, which houses Heels and Motivation and The Don’T Touch Me Movement, serves as the program’s host.

One in ten children are victims of sexual assault or abuse by an adult. Because of fear, trauma, or shame, most people who survived child abuse frequently find it difficult to share their experiences. As a voice against child abuse, I want to foster a secure environment where those who have experienced it can feel empowered to let go of their guilt and connect with others who have experienced it. Others can find freedom and healing via our tales. Although the past cannot be changed, there is something special we can do to positively affect the lives of numerous youngsters.

We want to celebrate you and your survival story at this free event in honour of National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Come take part in the shaping of history. Embrace those who overcame child abuse together. Find the support, healing, and new connections you need to transform your suffering into something meaningful.

There will be free food and drinks available.

On Sunday, April 10th at the Forum Aventura from 5pm – 8pm in Miami, Florida, Theresa Bowe, an author, philanthropist, luxury realtor, and the Founder of Don’t Touch Me will host a free event in celebration of National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Inviting the community to be a part of history in the making and to lock arms with others who have overcome child abuse to find healing, new relationships, and support that will help turn pain into purpose.

1 in 10 children experiences sexual abuse or assault at the hands of an adult. Most individuals who have experienced child abuse struggle with sharing their stories because of fear, trauma, or shame. As a voice against child abuse, Theresa is creating a safe space for survivors to feel empowered, release their shame, and connect with others who share similar stories. Our stories have the power to bring healing and freedom to others. 

“We can’t change the past, but we can do something special that can make an impact on the lives of many children of the future.” – Founder, Theresa Bowe

Special Guests Include: 

  • Althea Heart – Entrepreneur, Author, and Former Cast of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”
  • Patience Murray – Author, TV Producer, and Gun Violence Survivor
  • Hasan Williams – Children’s Advocate, Owner of “Life Itself” podcast and “Life Itself” logistics
  • Adrianna Smith – Speaker, Coach, former Miami Heat Dancer, and NFL Cheerleader, Founder of The Huddle Conference

The Hat symbolizes the expression of freedom to release. During the ceremony, guests will take off the hats and throw them in the air to represent ridding our lives of the hurt, shame and embarrassment many victims walk through life with as survivors of child abuse.  The purpose of the event and the ceremony is once and for all release the shame and fear associated with abuse. Hats will be provided, networking and social opportunities will be available as well as complimentary food and beverages. Those interested in attending and supporting this amazing cause can sign up via eventbrite here. 

About 82 Ways & Don’t Touch Me: 

A registered non-profit, 82 Ways was founded by former NFL wideout, Dwayne Bowe (#82; Kansas City Chiefs) and his wife, Theresa, Real Estate Mogul, Author, and philanthropist. 82 Ways was created to fund and foster the many problems and issues that arise, involving children. This program puts emphasis on education, special need kids, child sexual abuse, back to school funding, community building, and government assistance for underserved communities.

“Don’t Touch Me” is an educational platform geared to teach kids at an early age about child abuse prevention. This movement focuses on educating children on what to do and say in the event of being faced with a predator in their home or life. “Don’t Touch Me” also helps kids find their voice, with a special emphasis on the ones that may not have one.

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