Guidelines To Keep Your Relationship Simple Without Quitting Social Media

social relationship

“Today, we live in age of social media. Millions of people use these amazing platforms for plethora of different reasons. While people use it to find their love, on other hand, thousands of people use for surveillance purpose. In mix of people, there are few who also like to help other individuals find their love.” – Chris Pigeon, owner of dating applications

social relationship

Nowadays it is common for people living in city to face issues in their relationship due to close proximity to lifestyle. Also, they spend quite lot of time on social networking. It is a fact that urban people use more of Twitter as compared to people living in rural areas. While every 3 out of 5 people have their accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and Tinder. Moreover, people using social media more than 4-5 hours a day have similar stress problems, low self-esteem, and low-confidence. Social media also plays essential role in romantic relationships. It is one reason why people use Facebook. Unfortunately, every third person on Facebook is victim to ‘interpersonal electronic surveillance’ commonly known as social surveillance. Majority of people check social media to find patterns of behavior in their partners.

social relationship

Otherwise, people use private investigation and surveillance to keep a check on their partner. Many people do it to gain confidence in their partners. No matter what your reason is, getting a private detective working for you is now possible. You can DIY investigation but only a private investigation can reveal all truths. 

Presently, there is active debate on social media about damaged relationships. Many studies have been performed and it was found out that social media platform often gets associated with feeling of jealousy. But it is crucial to know why people get jealous of one another. Well, needless to mention there could be lot of reasons behind it. Currently, getting more followers is quickly becoming one of aspect jealously. Many people put – so-called negative comment on each other’s profile. People with high level of relationships maybe always under surveillance. 

social relationship

There are top four unique aspects of social networking which make them prone to relationship surveillance: –

  1. Accessibility: First things first, though everyone profile isn’t public, but is likely that your profile is shared with other people and available through mutual friends.
  2. Variety of Media: Today, people post a variety of media online including photos, video clips, and text messages. One picture can communicate a lot of information about your current location, behavior and social media interactions.
  3. Past Information: Most people have archives of data on their social media platforms. People rarely delete their old photos from Instagram and Facebook feeds. One reason behind it that deleting old posts can be tedious, and people would not like to delete their history.
  4. Data Secrets: There can be different occasions when data from social media often give up on secrets of individuals life and lifestyle. 

social relationship

Apart from aforementioned factors – there is more facts that often leads to tension in romantic relationships. For example, 

Additional Facts: –

  1. Small Gesture and Big Impact: When it comes to social media, no gesture is small whether it is positive or negative. Gestures like single click, for example, ‘liking’ a photo or accepting one friend request can communicate a lot of information to whole range of people. Also, it can be interpreted in variety of ways. And, likewise, other people reaction or lack of reaction can also take significance.
  2. Appearance Can Be Deceiving: Social media is quickly blurring lines between what is real and what is imagery. People use their online profiles to manipulate their appearance. Many onlookers tend to believe in online appearance. In other words, there is very blurry line between what is real and what is fantasy. This creates lot of issues in love relationships and creates sense of failure in relationships.
  3. Information: It is all about data and everything is information, even when it comes to love relationships. Despite of people setting up their privacy, still individual has less control over their information on social media platforms. 

Wrapping Up 

To balance your love relation and social media make sure to have open conversations with your partner. It is essential, to be honest, and avoid judging. Remember small gestures can take bigger meanings. 


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