Fruits Name in Hindi: A Colorful Guide to India’s Fruitful Bounty

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India’s rich cultural diversity is mirrored in its vast array of fruits, each with its unique taste, texture, and health benefits. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the vibrant world of fruits, focusing on their names in Hindi and English. This article is not just a linguistic journey but also a celebration of India’s diverse fruit heritage. Whether you’re a language enthusiast, a fruit lover, or someone curious about Indian culture, this guide will offer you a delightful and informative read about the Fruits Name in Hindi.

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Fruits Name in English and Hindi

India is home to a plethora of fruits, ranging from the globally recognized mango, known as ‘Aam’ in Hindi, to the exotic ‘Sitaphal’ (Custard Apple). Each fruit carries its unique flavor and a host of nutritional benefits. Let’s embark on a journey through India’s fruit basket, exploring 100 fruits and their names in both Hindi and English.

100 Fruits Name in Hindi and English

  1. Mango – आम (Aam)
  2. Apple – सेब (Seb)
  3. Banana – केला (Kela)
  4. Orange – संतरा (Santra)
  5. Grapes – अंगूर (Angoor)
  6. Pineapple – अनानास (Ananas)
  7. Watermelon – तरबूज (Tarbooj)
  8. Papaya – पपीता (Papita)
  9. Guava – अमरूद (Amrood)
  10. Pomegranate – अनार (Anar)

50 Fruits Name in English and Hindi

For those looking for a shorter list, here are 50 fruits with their names in both English and Hindi:

  1. Lychee – लीची (Leechi)
  2. Pear – नाशपाती (Nashpati)
  3. Peach – आड़ू (Aadoo)
  4. Plum – बेर (Ber)
  5. Kiwi – कीवी (Kiwi)
  6. Cherry – चेरी (Cherry)
  7. Fig – अंजीर (Anjeer)
  8. Blueberry – ब्लूबेरी (Blueberry)
  9. Blackberry – ब्लैकबेरी (Blackberry)
  10. Apricot – खुबानी (Khubani)
  11. Coconut – नारियल (Nariyal)
  12. Strawberry – स्ट्रॉबेरी (Strawberry)
  13. Raspberry – रसभरी (Rasbhari)
  14. Pomegranate – अनार (Anar)
  15. Lemon – नींबू (Nimbu)
  16. Melon – खरबूजा (Kharbooja)
  17. Custard Apple – सीताफल (Sitaphal)
  18. Date – खजूर (Khajoor)
  19. Gooseberry – आंवला (Amla)
  20. Jackfruit – कटहल (Kathal)
  21. Olive – जैतून (Jaitoon)
  22. Persimmon – तेंदू फल (Tendu Phal)
  23. Starfruit – कमरख (Kamrakh)
  24. Sweet Lime – मौसम्बी (Mausambi)
  25. Tamarind – इमली (Imli)
  26. Sapota – चीकू (Chikoo)
  27. Fig – अंजीर (Anjeer)
  28. Mulberry – शहतूत (Shahtoot)
  29. Dragon Fruit – ड्रैगन फ्रूट (Dragon Fruit)
  30. Passion Fruit – कृष्णा फल (Krishna Phal)
  31. Avocado – एवोकाडो (Avocado)
  32. Blackcurrant – काला करौंदा (Kala Karonda)
  33. Cantaloupe – खरबूज (Kharbooja)
  34. Carambola – कमरख (Kamrakh)
  35. Cherimoya – शरीफा (Sharifa)
  36. Durian – डूरियन (Durian)
  37. Elderberry – एल्डरबेरी (Elderberry)
  38. Grapefruit – चकोतरा (Chakotra)
  39. Jujube – बेर (Ber)
  40. Kumquat – कुमक्वाट (Kumquat)
  41. Loquat – लोकाट (Loquat)
  42. Muskmelon – खरबूजा (Kharbooja)
  43. Nectarine – नेक्टेरीन (Nectarine)
  44. Papaw – पपीता (Papita)
  45. Quince – श्रीफल (Shrifal)
  46. Rambutan – रामबुटान (Rambutan)
  47. Soursop – लक्ष्मण फल (Lakshman Phal)
  48. Ugli Fruit – अग्ली फ्रूट (Ugli Fruit)
  49. White Sapote – सफेद सपोटे (Safed Sapote)
  50. Yellow Watermelon – पीला तरबूज (Peela Tarbooj)


Q: What are some common fruits names in English?
A: Common fruits in English include Apple, Banana, Mango, Orange, and Grapes.

Q: Can you list 100 fruits names in Hindi and English?
A: Yes, the list includes fruits like Aam (Mango), Seb (Apple), Kela (Banana), and many more, totaling up to 100.

Q: What are 50 fruits names in English and Hindi?
A: This includes fruits like Leechi (Lychee), Nashpati (Pear), Aadoo (Peach), and 47 more.


Exploring the names of fruits in Hindi and English is more than just a linguistic exercise; it’s a dive into the rich and diverse cultural tapestry of India. Each fruit, with its unique name, taste, and texture, tells a story of regional preferences, climatic conditions, and cultural practices. This guide serves as a bridge connecting different languages and cultures, highlighting the importance of understanding and appreciating diversity through the simple yet profound world of fruits. Whether you’re learning a new language or exploring new cuisines, the knowledge of fruits and their names can be a delightful addition to your skillset.

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