Fashion Trends 2024-How Will You Dress Next Year?

fashion trends 2023

The “New Year, New Me” phenomenon might seem spent, but not in all aspects. Sometimes, we leave things behind -relationships, habits, trends — and take on new and exciting fads. In this case, it may just be fashion trends we are saying goodbye to in 2023. They served their purpose (and maybe got overused a bit), but making room for more practical and less seen trends is a good way to set the year’s style tone.

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Last year might have received a medal for the number of trends we watched come and go, and in quick succession at that. From the ugly shoe trend to the cocksure micro bags, 2021 clearly had more in store than anyone could have anticipated. Seeing that a closet clean-up is every fashionista’s way of kicking off the year, now might just be the time to let some pieces go. Plus, designers are back on the drawing board so you need enough space to line up the new trends about to surface. Darn right!

Quick tip: Keep these old trendy pieces at the back end of your wardrobe. They will be back again, but for now, in with the new!

Check out the Fashion Trends 2024-How Will You Dress Next Year?

#1. Bell sleeves

The bells jingled for a bit, we enjoyed the retro comeback, but we might be over it now. It’s no doubt these sleeves are pretty, and it’s inevitable not to bump into at least five bell sleeves twinnies before hitting your doorbell, but rocking this trend for everyday life might be impractical. For instance, typing on your keyboard and having to move the sleeves is my biggest issue with the sleeves. Let’s not talk of using the restroom, getting into a coat, or plain ol’ brushing your hair. Phew!

2. Biker shorts to Mars

Maybe we should give our contours some breathing space this 2022. These shorts looked like underwear, improvised as outerwear. Biker shorts should be shot up to Mars for a visit, or better still, save them for pedaling.

3. Cold shoulder tops

We’re officially giving the cold shoulder trend the cold shoulder. Although that might sound mean, the trick is to know when it’s time to leave gracefully or be thrown out into the streets. Aparently, the cold shoulder didn’t see the DM. After making a comeback and staying on top as the perfect outfit for getting a vaccine, they still managed to fizzle over time. And if you stubbornly plan on rocking them, prepare to look desperate. For us, we are over them, and they’re definitely one of the fashion trends we are saying goodbye to in 2022.

4. Clear heels

What happened to the Kardashians’ favorite shoe trend? Maybe the time came for them to take a bow — just like the show. Fashion is indeed fast-paced. One minute, every designer had them in their collection, and the next, they’re missing from the “haute list.” If it’s any consolation, they might serve as wardrobe classics and can still be styled nicely. But please, those styling sessions should be few and far between.

5. Sheer fits

We saw quite a lot of underwear in 2021, and even a few somethings. This year, may the focus return to the silhouette of the wearer and perhaps, the dress. (Amen). It’s undeniable that sheer clothing came in hot thanks to body positivity. However, while the latter is still preached and practiced everywhere, the fashion world seems to have moved away from sheer outfits. That being said, they can surely come in handy for a sexy beach day in the Summer. After all, a little skin never hurt anyone.

6. Baggy jeans

                            Photo: Dario Fernandez Ruz / Pexels

Honestly, these jeans had me in my feelings—the comfort was the catch. It’s not every day you get a piece that keeps things effortless and chic, but I guess, there’s a need to be more precise this year. Opting for form-fitting clothes that accentuate the figure should be on your fashion to-do list. As a result, it’s with sadness in my heart that I say goodbye to baggy jeans in 2022. They will be greatly missed.

7 Chunky sneakers

They look like those kicks my dad rocked in the 70s (yes, I saw pictures). The thing with the chunky sneakers is that they are hard to style. Although, when gotten right, the “oldie but goldie” vibe hits different. If not, there’s a high possibility of looking like someone fresh out of a time machine. The new designs that are stealing the style scene are a bit sleeker and light. Let’s try that out too.

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