Fantasy Cricket Tips To Win In A Fantasy Cricket League

Fantasy Cricket Tips

Here are those secret fantasy cricket tips that you can use to create a better team in our fantasy cricket league. We invite you to use these tips to understand the game better and to use it to your advantage.

1. Consistent performance of players

Fantasy Cricket lies somewhere between choosing those players that have a good reputation and those that can shock anyone on a given day. It is advisable to keep a mix of players that relate to both these categories.

2. Playing conditions (weather, pitch and play timings)

Not all players can play equally well in all conditions. Asian players play better on slow turning pitches while English and Australian players can play better in seaming conditions. As a special case, flat pitches usually allow more runs and you can include more batsmen too. It is advisable to understand where the game is taking place and what are the pitch and weather conditions there. Once through this, you should choose your players.

3. Score bonus points

If your batsman completes a run out of a player of the competing team or if a bowler takes a sensational catch, he gets additional points. These points get credited to your total Fantasy points.

Fantasy Cricket Tips

Opening batsmen and bowlers

We suggest you choose your players from specialist positions. This means you should pick your batsmen only from a group of specialist opening batsmen because they tend to score more runs. Also, pick your bowlers from a group of opening bowlers because they are more likely to bowl more overs & take more wickets. You can always rely on them to win more matches and points for you.

5. Find a top-performing captain

The captain leads a team and is credited for a win. That’s why he also gets most points for an amazing performance. It is advisable to choose an all-rounder as your team’s captain because he can make it count with batting, bowling and even fielding too.

Fantasy Cricket Tips

6. Uncapped Player

An uncapped player is a compulsory dark horse that every team must include in its final eleven. If he puts up a match-winning performance, he usually scores some good points.

7. Intuition is the key 

A cricket fantasy league revolves around entertainment. We allow our users to change their squad up to 45 minutes before the scheduled start of the game. That way, you can change your players if you have any second thoughts and you can even recreate your team before that time.

Fantasy Cricket Tips

We hope you liked our fantasy cricket tips. Being one of the top cricket fantasy sites, we find it important to bring up-to-date and relevant information to you so that you can be a pro at this game and can BIG rewards on our platform. We hope to see you in action very soon!

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