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Shinobu Kocho ( Koch Shinobu?) is a key supporting character in Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer. She is an Insect Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps and a Demon Slayer. 

Shinobu Kocho is Kanae Kocho’s younger sister, along with Kanao Tsuyuri, her adopted younger sister. Shinobu and her sister joined the Demon Slayer Corps after a demon murdered their parents in order to save others from experiencing the same fate.

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Shinobu is a diminutive young woman with a pale complexion and wide, insect-like eyes that lack pupils and are instead surrounded by a haze of purple gradient. The back of her head is arranged into a flat yakai-maki bun, which is held in place by a white, turquoise, and light purple butterfly adornment. She has ear-length, voluminous curtain bangs that frame the sides of her face, as well as two slightly thinner chin-length strands of hair in front of her ears below them. Shinobu is short in stature and has been described as having a petite and frail-looking frame, which is subsequently reinforced by her statement that she lacks the physical strength of the other Hashira to decapitate a demon. According to Zenitsu, Shinobu is so adorable that she could survive just on her appearance.

Shinobu wears a dark purple standard Demon Slayer uniform with gold buttons, consisting of a dark-purple tinted black jacket and matching coloured tabi socks and hakama pants, tucked into white butterfly-patterned Kyahan fading into pale turquoise then pink around her lower legs, secured by white ribbons. She wears a white haori that had belonged to her older sister. It has a butterfly wing pattern that fades into pale turquoise and then pink on the sleeves and hem, which are cuffed with a black-and-white polka-dot trim. She wears purple-strapped white zri sandals with a hidden blade concealed in one of the heels.

Shinobu’s appearance was altered slightly around age fourteen. Her chin-length hair was tucked behind her ears, and she wore a new Demon Slayer costume with silver buttons and a darker shade of purple material. In addition, she wore a basic white haori over it.


Shinobu’s apparently friendly and cheerful disposition.

Shinobu always displays a bright, welcoming, and cheery temperament, sporting a relaxed smile regardless of the circumstances. However, her outer behavior is swiftly revealed to be a mask. This is evidenced by the fact that she enjoys tormenting others to the point of being quite sadistic, especially Giyu Tomioka. Despite her laid-back demeanor and early desire to get along with demons, she can be quite ruthless to them, as evidenced when she kills the Spider Demon (Daughter) after offering her false hope of assistance and when she attempts to kill Nezuko Kamado without hesitation.  After hearing their entire story, she has a more compassionate disposition toward both Tanjiro Kamado and his sister. 

Shinobu’s true character was revealed during her fight with Doma.

Shinobu has a deep hatred towards demons because of the loss of her sister, Kanae Kocho, at a young age, as well as the deaths of her parents, nearly all of her Tsuguko, and the families of her apprentices at the Butterfly Mansion. This hatred is so intense that she is in a near-constant state of tremendous rage,[8] which Tanjiro Kamado is able to perceive when the two individuals converse. Her drive for vengeance prevented her from living the typical life that her sister had desired for her; instead, she devoted all of her energy to vanquishing demons. 

Shinobu reveals during her battle with Doma that she has an inferiority complex due to her inferior physical abilities in comparison to her fellow Hashira, having been envious of their taller or more muscular bodies and cursing her own body for not developing further to make her more effective in combat.

Shinobu’s original, bolder, and more direct temperament.

Shinobu’s younger self displayed a more outspoken, straightforward, and uncomplicated manner when she and her sister rescued Kanao Tsuyuri, whom she had a bad attitude toward nurturing. Shinobu began to behave more like her sister after Kanae’s death, eventually adopting her sister’s positive attitude and mannerisms while internally harboring her rage, which she clarifies is fueled by her desire to perpetually display the smile that her sister favored. Shinobu has a noticeable anger, one that even Inosuke Hashibira takes notice of despite never being depicted on-screen.


Overall Abilities

As a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Shinobu is a highly talented and potent warrior.

Shinobu’s creativity, intelligence, and other physical qualities more than make up for the fact that she lacks the physical power of an average Demon Slayer to cut off a demon’s head. Shinobu eschews the conventional way of killing demons by decapitating them with a Nichirin Sword in favor of a modified katana that works as a stinger to inject Wisteria poison that is harmful to demons. In addition to her intelligence, she is exceedingly swift and nimble, helping her to easily defeat demons. Her real strength was exposed during her combat with Doma, the second most powerful Upper Rank demon, in which she was able to go toe-to-toe with the demon and even manage to gain a little advantage over him, earning his admiration.

Shinobu maneuvering through a lush forest with ease.

Enhanced Agility: 

Shinobu’s agility and speed are commensurate with her Insect Breathing swordsmanship style, as she effortlessly navigated through a dense jungle and avoided the Spider Demon (Daughtersilk )’s Blood Demon Art. Shinobu employs acrobatic moves to execute dozens of quick thrusts with her katana in order to inject as much poison as possible into her opponent simultaneously. This also enables her to avoid and evade assaults as opposed to block them. Shinobu’s dexterity even astonished Doma, who had difficulty keeping up with her quick moves.

Enhanced Strength: 

Shinobu, despite being the smallest member of the Demon Slayer Corps and therefore possessing the weakest swing strength due to her small arms, possesses impressive thrusting and stabbing strength, as evidenced by her ability to pierce a stone boulder in half and break a ceiling with an upward thrust attack. Her strength also allows her to puncture the body and neck of Upper Rank Two, Doma.

Shinobu “teleporting” away from Tanjiro.

Immense Speed & Reflexes: 

Shinobu’s incredible speed and reflexes allow her to effortlessly escape and outrun demons, allowing her to attack them before they can even recognise what has happened. Shinobu is so quick that she frequently appears to have teleported. Shinobu’s extraordinary speed even managed to stun Doma, as she repeatedly outran the Upper Rank during their battle, unleashing hundreds of blows that Doma was unable to properly stop or escape, causing him to concede that Shinobu is the quickest Hashira he has ever encountered. Moreover, she once moved so quickly, even while gravely hurt, that Doma could barely notice her and barely oppose her. After suffering terrible injuries at the hands of Doma, she moved so quickly that she destroyed a bridge. 

Immense Stamina and Endurance: 

Due to years of rigorous training, Shinobu’s stamina and endurance as a Hashira are extraordinary. During her battle against Doma, she was able to continue fighting despite losing a great deal of blood, having one of her lungs perforated, and being unable to breathe, a feat that made Doma question whether or not she was human. 

Indomitable Will: 

Shinobu possesses an unflinching spirit and tremendous resolve, largely due to her insatiable hatred towards demons. Even with her inferiority complex caused by her diminutive stature and lack of physical power, and despite losing so much blood she was unable to stand and breathe. After recalling her pledge to Kanao and hearing Kanae’s remarks, Shinobu stayed resolute and stood up, a feat that even Doma found surprising.

Keen Intellect:

Shinobu has extensive experience employing poisons in flight. During her encounter with Doma, she was able to calculate the optimal number and combination of poisons to use against him. After her sister’s death, she was able to use the scant knowledge provided by Kanae to design a strategy that ultimately resulted in Doma’s downfall. She also developed a form of sign language with Kanao to communicate vital information in a short period of time while assisting Kanao in fighting and vanquishing the demon of the Upper Rank.

Medical Expertise:

Shinobu compensates for her lack of natural-born combat aptitude by demonstrating enormous skill and mastery in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. She is extremely informed about how to synthesize various poisons from Wisteria Flowers and employ them for the most lethal impact in combat. She is capable of murdering foes in a matter of seconds and has developed a poison potent enough to significantly damage Doma, the second-strongest demon among the Twelve Kizuki. She possesses the talents necessary to progressively saturate her body with poison without jeopardizing her health, as well as the medical skills required to combat the venoms and poisons made by demons. This is demonstrated when she reverses the poison that is slowly changing Zenitsu Agatsuma into a spider and returns him to his human form.

Anti-Kibutsuji Drug:

Shinobu, after joining forces with Tamayo and Yushiro, was able to assist Tamayo in developing a four-stage medicine that would substantially impair Muzan despite his formidable physical resistance and skills. This medication was certainly a major factor in the final battle against the Demon King, as it transformed the ordinarily ineffective strikes of the Demon Slayers into super-effective ones, allowing them to corner and kill him.

Lethal Physiology:

Shinobu transformed her body significantly in order to fight Doma by ingesting highly powerful Wisteria-based poison over the course of a year before their encounter. She is able to saturate her body with an undetectable poison that has entirely fused with her own cell structures, including those of her blood and internal organs—right down to her fingernails.  Shinobu’s body is comparable to 37 kilograms of poison, which is about seven hundred times the quantity required to kill an average demon. The poison was so potent that it melted Doma’s bones and prevented him from regenerating.

Fighting Method

Shinobu, a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, is one of the most formidable and competent swordswomen in the organisation.

Her combat style is quite unique, but just as effective as conventional swordsmanship styles. Shinobu excels in thrusting and piercing techniques to inject poison into demons with his swordplay. Her sword thrusts are so swift and potent that they can pierce boulders and outpace Water Breathing’s Drop Ripple Thrust, the quickest thrusting technique in that Breathing Style. However, the design of her blade renders it ineffectual for defence, so she compensates with rapid thrusts and stabs. Her swordsmanship prowess enabled her to face Upper Rank Two, Doma, who has lived and battled for over a century, demonstrating her exceptional swordsmanship.

Breathing Method

Insect Breathing ( Mushi no koky?): A Breathing Style invented by Shinobu Kocho to compensate for her lack of physical strength to sever the head of a demon. She has become so adept in this swordsmanship style that she has been able to slay innumerable demons and even Doma, the second-strongest Upper-Rank demon.


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