Explaining the French Spelling of Restaurant- How To Spell Restaurant?

How To Spell Restaurant

What Is the Definition of a “Restaurant”?

A restaurant is a location and a company where clients are provided food and drinks.

Next time, let’s try a different restaurant; this was terrible.

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How Do You Spell and Pronounce “Restaurant”?

The spelling of restaurant can be spoken in a variety of ways, making it even more difficult to recall. Rhymes with the following expression:

I don’t want to eat at that place.

Most American speakers say it as /restrnt/ (so with or without this additional syllable, and a long “ah” afterwards), whereas most Standard British speakers pronounce it as /restrnt/ (so with no syllable between “t” and “r,” and a short “o” afterwards).

Why Is the Spelling of “Restaurant” Unclear?

The word is a borrowing from French, originating from “restaurer” (English: provide food for). Early in the 19th century, it became a part of the English language. The confusion is exacerbated by the fact that a number of Italian restaurants go by the name “ristorante.”

Are There Any Collocations or Synonyms for “Restaurant”?

The word appears frequently with the following expressions (collocations):

  • Self-service
  • fast-food
  • chain
  • (Nationalities like) Italian, Chinese, etc.



a building where people go to eat


that restaurant has excellent service

Other users have misspelled restaurant as:

  • resturant – 10.1%
  • restaurante – 9.4%
  • restront – 5.3%
  • resteraunt – 3.1%
  • restrant – 2.9%
  • ristorante – 2.9%
  • restent – 2.9%
  • restante – 2.5%
  • restant – 2.5%
  • restraunt – 2.4%
  • Other – 55.89%

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