Epic Mega Sale Is Back For A Third Year And Bringing Big Discounts-Games Beat Summit

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The annual mega sale has begun at The Epic Games Store once more. The event is scheduled to take place from May 19 through June 16 over a period of four weeks. More titles than ever are affected by Epic’s month-long discount. Over 1600 games and accessories, such as DLC, are discounted by up to 75% this year.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland and Sifu, which are included in the Mega Sale and are 20% off, are only a couple of the games. The discount for Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade is 29%. The most recent game in the Far Cry series, Far Cry 6, is 50% off.

In 2018, the Epic Games Store debuted. The store has made news throughout the years for aggressively pursuing exclusive publication deals for particular titles. Borderlands 3 was one of the more notorious purchases at the moment in 2019. At introduction, the store had a six-month exclusive on the schlooter.

Now it’s giving it away for free.


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The Mega Sale’s opening free game is Borderlands 3. It will continue to be offered without charge until May 26, when a different well-known game will take its place. For the course of the deal, a brand-new game will be given away every Thursday.

The return of the Epic Coupon, however, is the biggest announcement of the sale. In prior years, Epic has offered a voucher good for $10 off any game costing more than $14.99, therefore lowering the cost of the cheapest possible purchases to $5.

however, this year? The coupon now functions somewhat differently. It offers a 25% discount on purchases rather than a flat $10 off. Which isn’t terrific at $14.99, but it results in a bigger discount for the newer, more expensive games. The discount, for instance, takes $12.50 off of a game that was previously $49.99.

Sales are always popular. It’s easy to lure those of us with weak impulse control with a month-long offer.

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