Effective Carpet Cleaning Tips in 2023

The carpet cleaning is usually a pretty boring chore that requires much time and effort. Do you usually clean yourself or have you informed yourself about carpet cleaning prices?

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If you are the one who carries out that task … Are you sure you do a good carpet cleaning? What products do you use to clean the carpets? Do you have doubts about how it should be done so that they remain as impolite as possible? If you have asked yourself many times how to clean the carpets, this is your post. We are going to tell you everything!

Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips For 2023

Are those decorative elements composed of a fabric that is placed on the floor of homes, offices, etc. Its main function is to protect the ground and at the same time provide a more welcoming environment to the place where it is placed.

These elements are usually present in homes and offices around the world. They are decorative pieces that, although they change styles over the years, never cease to be fashionable.

Why is it important to carry out a good carpet cleaning in 2023?

It is convenient to periodically perform carpet cleaning. One of the reasons is usually aesthetics , something fundamental both in a home, to feel comfortable and comfortable, as in a business, since it is essential for the success of this show a clean and fresh face. This way we will avoid giving a bad image of our company.

But not everything is this. Carpet cleaning is essential to remove all mites that accumulate, especially in long-haired carpets, where dirt is stored more easily.

We have to avoid at all costs the possible contamination of the environment and thus prevent contracting possible health problems and diseases.

In addition, if they are usually located in places with a lot of frequency, carpet cleaning should be even more frequent and deeper. As for example in public places and open to the passage of a large influx of people who, if they do not have a good carpet washing could lead to great deterioration and bad odors.

Carpet cleaning

There are two most frequent techniques: dry carpet cleaning and wet carpet cleaning . Although you also have the option to clean the stains yourself through some products and tricks that we will tell you later.

Dry Carpet cleaning

It is one of the most current techniques. It consists of washing without using water .

It requires a specific machinery but it has the great advantage of being able to be used as soon as the cleaning is finished, in addition to performing it in the same place where it is located without having to move it, remove the surrounding furniture and paralyze the activity that is being developed in the place where it is placed.

This cleaning technique allows a complete disinfection , eliminating all bacteria and fungi that may appear in them, as well as dirt, stains, odors and dust existing from its use.

Wet Carpet cleaning

The first step that we have to carry out when we are going to perform a carpet cleaning with steam is to remove the superficial dirt with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

There are many different cleaning products, but we recommend not using them for carpets with long and short hair, since the results would not be as effective. Each type of carpet hair requires specific products.

In the same way, we recommend testing the product on a small part of the carpet to verify that it does not damage it before starting to clean it completely.

As with dry cleaning, a specific machine is also required for wet cleaning. They usually have companies specialized in the care and maintenance of carpets.

Tricks to clean stains on carpets

Do you think these are the only carpet cleaning method? From home you can also clean the carpets with soapy ammonia in water. A perfect remedy to remove any type of vomit, pee and animal feces.

Sugar Stains and glue

If instead you want to remove sugar stains after a spill, the ideal is to use alcohol but mixed with water to reduce it and not be so abrasive. This trick should also be used for glue stains.

Drink stains

The most complex stains such as drinks (coffee, teas, soda, wine, etc.), sauces or fruit juice usually leave when applying white vinegar with time water or neutral detergent, both with a damp cloth or mop to soft movements . After this process we must clean with a dry cloth.

Mud stains

These spots are quite common in carpets. Because we step on them with the shoes of the street, we leave embedded in it everything we have stuck.

In this case it is important to let the mud dry. Once dry, we will remove it with a brush. It is advisable to vacuum at the end to absorb all the dust that may have remained.

Chewing Gum Stains

Especially if we have young children at home or work in a place facing the public, we may have to remove a gum from any carpet. The procedure is simple, although it can take time.

The first thing we should do is harden the gum, and for this we will freeze it with ice (put several ice in a bag and put it on top). Once it is hardened, we will remove it manually or with a small spatula.

Why is it convenient to Hire a Cleaning Company?

Especially if you are an entrepreneur and have your own business, we advise you to hire a cleaning services company.

We know that the image of your business matters a lot to you and also the health of your workers, so the best way to maintain good hygiene is by giving your cleaning task to experts who, in a personalized way, advise you on the procedure you need most your office We would do it with pleasure!

Two of the main reasons that lead us to advise you this is time and budget. We assure you that the time spent by a company specialized in cleaning is less than any person will have to allocate.

We will save you the frustration of spending hours cleaning a carpet so that it is only half disinfected.

In addition, in the long term, the money invested in cleaning products will be greater than what a service company can budget for.

Now it is in your hand. We have already given you several keys and tricks on how to carry out a correct carpet cleaning.

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We hope that after this post you have learned for example, how to wash a carpet at home or how to clean a carpet of long hair. We will be glad to have been of great help to you.

If you have any other questions about how to wash a carpet or any other question arises, do not hesitate to contact us through our website. We are specialists in cleaning and we will be happy to assist you and advise you.

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