Declutter Your Attic Easily With These 15 Tips!


Get Organized & Declutter Your Attic With These 15 Easy Tips With these tips and tricks, organizing your attic doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Whether it’s for seasonal items or just general decluttering of living spaces, you can easily tackle the attic organization project to make the most out of the space. Here are 15 tips that can help you store, organize, and maximize your attic space.

1. Clear Out Your Attic

The first step is to clear out all of your items. Whether you want to keep, sell, donate, or trash them away, ask yourself how often you’ll use it in the future? This will help you decide what goes and what stays.

2. Light It Up

Illuminate your attic with lighting fixtures such as pendant lights, recessed lights, or motion-detecting lights. Without proper lighting, navigating in dark spaces like attics can be difficult.

3. Examine the Structure

Check to see if there are any structural issues like roof leaks or ventilation problems as these can lead to damage to your belongings. Also, assess the temperature of the attic to ensure that items such as photos and electronics won’t be damaged from extreme temperatures.

4. Prepare the Floors

Strengthen your attic floors by distributing the weight properly and preventing any damages to it. You can do this by using floor props between trusses or installing some drawers or cabinets.

5. Create a Floor Plan

As you put items back into the attic, come up with a plan to maximize space. Designate specific areas for holiday decorations, outdoor equipment, and seasonal clothing as these will be items you’ll need to access frequently.

6. Label Maker Time

A great time saver, label makers allow you to mark every box, bag, or bin so you’ll know what’s inside. This device can save you from digging through cluttered boxes to find your items.

7. Store in Clear Plastic Bins

Choose clear plastic bins when storing items in the attic. That way, you can quickly see what’s inside and also help protect it from dust and dirt.

8. Shelves and Hangers

Hanging items like wreaths, clothing, and outdoor lights can free up space. Install wall hooks between the wooden beams or walls and even add ceiling hooks for extra storage. Consider a wall-mounted or rolling clothing rack that can handle your seasonal pieces.

9. Pegboards

Pegboards are great for tools and cleaning supplies as they let you hang multiple items at once and allow visibility for each item stored.

10. Clean It Regularly

To keep away clutter and pests, clean your attic on a regular basis. Dust and sweep any cobwebs and do another check for pests. Evaluate the items and get rid of anything you don’t need.

11. Install Containers

Containers are great for organizing items like decorations, toys, and blankets. Label them for easy identification and come in different shapes and sizes.

12. Vacuum Seal Bags

Vacuum sealing bags are the perfect way to store items such as clothes, bedding, and blankets. It’s a great way to save space and keep dust away from your items.

13. Take Inventory

Take note of the items that you have, where they are stored, and what you don’t need anymore. This will help you easily find items when you need them.

14. Categorize Your Items

When organizing your attic, try categorizing items like holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, memorabilia, and everything else. Put them in different sections or areas for easy access.

15. Maintenance is Key

Finally, keep up with maintenance and cleaning regularly to keep pests away and create a clutter-free attic. With these attic organization tips and solutions, you will have an organized and well-maintained attic in no time!

What else could you be using your attic space for?

  1. Storage: An attic space can be used to store documents, artworks, photographs or other valuables.
  2. Hobbies: A perfect spot for a home office, music room or craft area.
  3. Playroom: Children will love the extra play space, and it’s out-of-the-way enough to avoid disrupting the rest of the house while they have fun.
  4. Guest Bedroom: If you have frequent visitors, a cozy attic bedroom could be just what you need to accommodate them in comfort and privacy.
  5. Home Gym: Equip your attic with a treadmill and set of weights for an ideal place to exercise without disrupting other family members’ activities downstairs.
  6. Library: Put together a library complete with comfy armchairs and bright lighting to encourage reading in peace and quiet.
  7. Movie Room: Invest in some home cinema equipment and some comfy bean bags – soon you’ll have your own private movie theater!
  8. Bar Area: Get creative with your decorating skills – with the right furniture and accessories, your attic could become an inviting bar area for hosting friends and family over drinks on special occasions.
  9. Yoga Retreat: Yoga mats, comfortable cushions and aromatic candles can transform your attic into an oasis of peace and tranquility where you can practice meditation away from everyday distractions downstairs at home
  10. Dressing Room: Create a dedicated space for trying on clothes to get ready in the morning or try different outfits before a night out

One thing worth pointing out is that no matter what you end up using your loft or attic for, you’re going to need a way to access it.

If this is going to be a permanent space you need ease of access by a simple loft ladder and there are many type out there, including electric. See the BPS Access solutions website for a range of loft ladders to get an idea of what is available.

In conclusion, organizing your attic doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these tips, you can declutter, store, and maximize your attic space. Start by clearing out all of your items and ask yourself how often you’ll use them in the future. Light up your attic with proper lighting fixtures, examine the structure for any issues, and prepare the floors for proper weight distribution.

Create a floor plan and label everything with a label maker for easy identification. Use clear plastic bins, shelves, hangers, pegboards, and containers for storage. Regular cleaning and maintenance is key to keeping pests away and maintaining a clutter-free attic. With these tips, you’ll have an organized and well-maintained attic in no time!

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