Crisp and Short Guide On Instagram Marketing Training For Medical Practitioners- Dermatology Marketing

Dermatology Marketing

Dermatology Marketing is one of easiest and affordable ways to generate 5x leads for medical practitioners. Currently, social media marketing for dermatologists is bringing forward amazing new trends. For example, social networking platforms, Instagram is slowly going mainstream for dermatology practitioners. Leveraging Instagram to share photographs of procedures, medical staff, equipment, etc. offers key insight to prospective patients. 

List of Basic Instagram Facts 

  1. There are approximately 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram 
  2. More than 500 million individual uses Instagram daily
  3. There are over 50+ billion photos shared on Instagram 
  4. Instagram offers both Business and personal account options
  5. Six in ten Gen-Z have an Instagram Account.

Dermatology Marketing

Dermatology Marketing on Instagram 

Instagram is a dynamic social media platform. Both business-owner and medical practitioners can leverage this social media platform. Using Instagram, it is easy to build a wider audience with shard interest. Although, you can use it for communicating and building a stronger relationship with patients. 

Marking for dermatology strategies can gain an informal winning edge with Instagram. Millions of prospective patients have their interest in behind the scenes work. In other words, how things work behind the curtain. Leveraging Instagram that is a photo-based platform, you can offer insight to benefits of getting treatment from you instead of competition. Also, it is easy to add useful information to photographs. Overall, general idea is to give back value to prospective patients and current patients. 

Creating a post on Instagram can go in multiple ways. For example, your post can be educational, information, infotainment, technical, and even promotional. Remember, Instagram users have a soft spot for high-quality visual and branded content. So, ensure to post visually attractive and engaging posts only to create your community. It is always recommended to use an only original piece of content. As a rule of thumb, 80% of the value comes 20% of high-quality content. 

List of basic ideas of your first Instagram post. Since making that ‘first-ever’ post is always difficult. 

  1. Inspiring Quotes
  2. Motivational Quotes
  3. Offer Discounts 
  4. Action Shots
  5. Reels 
  6. Success Stories 
  7. Before And After Photos
  8. Product Demo
  9. Service Demo 
  10. Events
  11. Staff Photo
  12. Behind the scenes

Dermatology Marketing With Instagram Stories 

Everything mentioned in this post by now is perfect for dermatology marketing using Instagram feed. Did you know? Instagram marketing has another major component. Instagram stories are one of primary sources of connecting with prospects. As much as putting posts on feed is important; Instagram stories offer much more. Around 500 million people post stories every day. On average, Instagram gets 1 billion stories each day. 

Leveraging Instagram Stories

Instagram stories for dermatology marketing offers a full-screen high-visual format. One of best feature Instagram stories is that they disappear after 24 hours. The whole user experience can be modeled just like in Snapchat. You can add, rating bar, direct messaging, and organize a poll. To make an Instagram story simply follow these steps: –

  1. Login to Instagram application
  2. Click on top left ‘camera icon’
  3. Access Instagram stories
  4. Tap white circle at the ‘bottom middle’ of screen 
  5. Press and hold it to make video 
  6. Swipe up to use in-built visuals

Instagram stories is pretty easy and quick way to generate engagements.  Plus, you can always 

  1. Increase your reach using #hashtags
  2. Express your mood with gifs
  3. Encourage with Polls and questions

Wrapping Up

Today, dermatology marketing is a lot more complicated than it used to be few years ago. Thousands of medical practitioners end up wasting their time, energy, and money without first setting up their account of marketing for dermatology. In case you are looking to boost your revenue and reach, it is best to avoid a preliminary mistake. Eliminate frustration by setting up dermatology marketing campaign with professionals.  

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