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If you are looking for a best Attorney in a nearby area , Chicago injury lawyer langdonemison.com is Best Lawyer in Chicago Area Since its founding in 1984, Langdon & Emison, one of the most well-known personal injury law companies in the nation, has successfully defended hundreds of clients. The company has received numerous accolades for being among the best in the area and is listed on the National List of Trial Attorneys. Top 10 personal injury law firms listed. Numerous prestigious magazines have cited the firm as a “Favorite,” and U.S. News & World Report has ranked it among the top five personal injury law firms.


Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers

Our Chicago personal injury legal company, Langdon & Emison, has served clients for more than 30 years. We are proud to maintain our standing as a tenacious, client-focused litigation company with national recognition. Call (312) 872-3389 now for the guidance you need and the legal responses you are seeking.

A Personal Injury Case Is What?

A personal injury claim is made by a person who believes they have been hurt or may have been damaged as a result of the negligence of another person. The injured party might file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party to recover damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses. After an accident results in physical harm, the majority of persons file an individual injury case. Even so, emotional or psychological harm that results in emotional pain, such as a miscarriage or financial loss, may be compensated for under personal injury legislation.

What distinguishes Langdon & Emison from other legal firms that focus on personal injury cases?

A renowned personal injury legal company in the nation is Langdon & Emison. Since 1983, we have defended victims of negligence. Reputable companies are aware of us. Our injury law business is one of the top 100 legal firms in the country. World Report News. We are also among the Top 100 Personal Injury Law Firms listed in the National Law Journal. The attention we give to our customers makes a difference. Whether they are individuals or businesses, we treat all of our clients with respect. As personal injury lawyers, we have unparalleled expertise and understanding. We are equipped with the expertise and awareness needed to properly manage any personal injury case. It’s not only about the money in our law company. From defending businesses to representing people, we provide the complete spectrum of legal services. We have a straightforward legal philosophy: We care deeply about the clients we represent and personal injury law.

How can we make your case?

Holding major corporations and insurance companies responsible for their behavior has helped our company win nearly $1 billion in judgments and settlements for our clients. The litigators at Langdon & Emison take on these claims because we feel that our clients deserve justice and that big businesses shouldn’t be allowed to harm people without being held accountable. Insurance firms should not defend them against wrongdoing since they are not above the law. Because of this, all of the nation’s courts have granted judgments and settlements to our clients through the efforts of our attorneys. They triumph because they are skilled storytellers who can draw attention to the wrongs done to our clients and demonstrate that their causes are worthy of being fought for. They triumph because they are aware of the law and are adept at utilizing it to their advantage.

The first question that comes to mind after suffering an injury is “How much would my case cost?” Personal injury, however, is not always simple to anticipate. Additionally, litigation is much more likely in cases with complicated medical and legal difficulties. The typical cost of a personal injury case is so challenging to determine. A personal injury case often costs between $5,000 and $200,000.

The firm is capable of handling a range of legal issues, including car accidents. Chicago injury lawyer langdonemison

More than 3,000 lawyers work for us, and we have defended clients in more than 16,000 instances. These factors have elevated us to the rank of one of the most renowned personal injury law firms in the nation. Our law office has received numerous accolades from U.S. News & World Report, including recognition as a Super Lawyer, Top 10 Lawyers, and Top 100 Lawyers. Langdon & Emison is a law company committed to serving the requirements of our clients. Our law office has handled a wide range of cases, including those involving vehicle accidents, construction accidents, property liability, nursing home neglect, nursing home abuse, train accidents, truck accidents, and medical malpractice.

How did Langdon Emison achieve success?

No matter who you are, what you do, or where you live, you deserve justice and counsel, according to Chicago injury attorney Langdon Emerson. We are completely committed to offering our clients skilled, individualized legal services as well as sympathetic, nonjudgmental support. Our lawyers take great pride in assisting and empowering our clients. Our success is the result of our dedication to finding the greatest defense and exerting the proper amount of pressure on our clients throughout the court procedure. 5. The expertise of our seasoned attorneys. The lawyers at Langdon Emison have decades of experience in the field of personal injury law and have defended countless clients. As a result, we are proud of our experience and are well-versed in the ins and outs of the legal system.

Incorrect medicine and traffic accident lawsuits are handled by our office.

Injury is not something that “happens,” to sum up. They happen as a result of carelessness or a bad product that creates a risky circumstance. You need a lawyer to stand up for you and treat you fairly if you were hurt due to subpar medication or a traffic accident. As a result, Langdon & Emison has developed a reputation as one of the most well-known personal injury law firms in the nation. We are dedicated to preserving the rights of our injured clients, and our law company has represented clients in practically every state in the union. Additionally, we have a great deal of experience addressing drug errors and traffic accidents.


Selecting the incorrect kind of attorney may harm your case and reduce your chances of a successful resolution. It is crucial to carefully choose a lawyer who specializes in the kind of issue you have and has extensive knowledge of the body of law that applies to it. In order to determine whether a lawyer is qualified to assist you with your case, it’s crucial to ask the correct questions when interviewing potential candidates. Asking friends and family who they have previously used as attorneys can also be beneficial. Selecting the incorrect kind of attorney may harm your case and reduce your chances of a successful resolution. It is crucial to carefully choose a lawyer who specializes in the kind of issue you have and has extensive knowledge of the body of law that applies to it. Selecting the incorrect type of attorney may harm your case and reduce your chances of a successful resolution.

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