Cardboard purchase: Find your cardboard model

Business cardboard, where to buy cheap cardboard boxes?

PrintCosmo is the leader in the supply of cardboard boxes for companies and professionals. Whether it is for a move, storage, or sorting, we have all the cardboard models adapted to your needs.

The quality of the shipping carton is a key concern for professionals when shipping. This is why we offer robust, light models at the best price. The simplicity and quality of our boxes appeal to our professional customers. Eager to provide quality service to our customers, we have various cardboard models with different properties.

Purchase of moving boxes, boxes, boxes for parcels …

PrintCosmo offers a complete selection of packaging cardboard models for your business. You will be able to directly enter the dimensions of the box you need – you find it and we ship it within 24/48 hours everywhere in France. Our complete range of cardboard is a real advantage for you because you will be able to optimize as much as possible the space available to you to put as much volume as possible.

A selection of packing boxes to support different weights

PrintCosmo offers cardboard models capable of supporting different weights. Thus, you will be able to optimally store your shipments without risking tearing the boxes.

We have three levels of robustness for our box models. Thus, you will have the choice between single flute, double flute, or triple flute boxes. The triple flute packaging is suitable for heavy and fragile loads. For example, you will be able to store wine boxes or valuable books there. Your cardboard purchase must take this criterion into account in order to be sure you have the right product.

Specific cardboard models to adapt to your shipments

PrintCosmo has developed a whole range of boxes specializing in the transport of particular goods. So, discover our boxes specially designed to pack bottles or dedicated to export. Otherwise, we also offer boxes for long and narrow products.

Your inexpensive moving boxes, delivered to your home in 24 hours!

On our Printcosmo.com site, you will find all the professional products you need for your move: special boxes for crockery, wardrobes for your clothes, bubble wrap, protective covers and blankets, economical packs at the best price … he packing for a move is simply unthinkable without cardboard. With the exception of your furniture and household appliances, the rest of your personal belongings should be securely packed in storage boxes of various sizes. Packing is the best way to properly protect your belongings in transit, between homes, or between your home and the building warning, and it helps to know what is available to protect your belongings.

In the packaging market, there are a multitude of different boxes and packaging and the dimensions are very varied. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main packaging: Boxes: They exist in different sizes. Keep in mind that little ones will be ideal for heavy items. And so, the big ones for the rather light matters. There are specialized boxes for paintings, books, clothes (closet), personal documents, glasses, plates etc. The stretch film is a very good trick to hold the drawers and the wires of the washing machine etc. This will not leave any traces of glue on your devices, unlike conventional duct tape. The cover helps protect the furniture.

For the sending of large parcels, online or not, it is necessary to respect a few rules so that the transport takes place in the best conditions.

The cardboard packaging that we suggest you order is suitable for packages weighing up to 12 kg. A protective layer must be placed at the bottom of the package, the merchandise must be wrapped and covered with polystyrene in order to limit impacts and thus protect it. If you have your own packaging, check the maximum weight allowed by your packaging.

It is quite possible to send several packages to the same recipient at the same time. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the transport slip is correctly placed and that you write down your packages: 1/3, 2/3, and 3/3 for example.

Between 70 and 1000kg, the goods must be palletized by you in order to ensure the stability of the goods during the sending of your large packages. This makes it possible in particular to facilitate their transport thanks to the use of a forklift. We provide this type of shipment only for international.

Pack your valuables safely with cardboard boxes

Cardboard packaging remains the best way to properly pack and store even your most valuable items. Cardboard has the definite advantage of being very light, foldable, and easy to open and close. Its handling will greatly facilitate various tasks during your move. It also saves time in an emergency and therefore limits your production and shipping costs. Solidified cardboard allows it to be stiffer and stronger, and although it is small in size, it can hold heavy objects without the risk of cracking or opening. It is undoubtedly for all these reasons that cardboard has been able to survive to this day and has become essential even in everyday life.

If you wish to personalize your boxes with your company logo, do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.

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