Back Pain – It’s not Always a Back Problem

back pain specialist Perth.

The back is one of the most important parts of your body. 

All your nerves meet there to transmit body function to the brain and also facilitate movement. 

When you are having back problems, it is important to seek back pain treatment in Perth.

Read on to hear about the alternatives to going to a doctor’s office to see a back pain treatment Perth, and what could be causing your pain.

Back pain, for what?

Regardless of popular thought, a chiropractor can treat more than just back problems, and your back problems can be more than just back issues. 

Your spine holds the nerves for every part of your body. 

Since it is a nerve centre, the pain you feel in your back may translate to issues in other parts of your body — called referred pain. 

If you feel a low-level or sharp pain that seems to have no source, you may actually have issues with your groin, buttocks, a tight hamstring, an enlarged artery in the belly, or a pinched nerve. 

Referred pain is often caused by the compression of a nerve or nerve root. It can also be caused by the brain mistranslating the signal it received from elsewhere in your body. 

What happens when you see a chiropractor? 

Chiropractors are trained much in the same way as any other doctor. 

They go through years of school and must obtain a licence to practise. 

When you go to see a chiropractor, they will diagnose your pain’s real origin through a series of tests.

These tests can include X-rays, MRIs, blood tests, and feeling around to see if they can locate the issue. 

If your back pain stems from a more severe issue, like kidney or gallstones, they may refer you to a doctor for treatment.

After the chiropractor has determined that the root of your back pain is not an emergency, or beyond their capabilities, they will begin treatment with a few different methods. 

One method they may use is realignment of the spine or massage techniques to release tension on the nerves and allow for a better flow of signals, blood, and oxygen. 

Finding the right chiropractor

When looking for a chiropractor, always do your research. 

Ask your PCP, friends, neighbours, and family if they can refer you to someone. 

Check online reviews from previous patients.

Ask to see their licence and certificates, and validate that the licence matches with the information on the government registries. 

Discuss the issues you are having, what treatment or diagnostic testing may be needed, and how much you may get charged. 

Often, chiropractic work can be paid for by your insurance — check with the chiropractor and your insurer to determine if insurance will cover your visits.

Back pain may be the result of many things, including issues thought to be unrelated to your back.

If you are having back pain without having an injury to your back, see a chiropractor.

Chiropractors are trained in back pain specialist Perth.

If you have had an accident, a chiropractor can help you regain movement and give you vital back pain treatment Perth without the need of tons of machines or medicine.

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