Andrew Wiggins: Embracing Fatherhood and Finding Balance on and off the Court

andrew wiggins wife

Andrew Wiggins, known for his agility on the basketball court, has found a different kind of fulfillment and purpose in his role as a father. From the journey with his partner, understanding his ties to family, and finding home, let’s delve into Andrew’s life outside of his professional basketball career.

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Early Days and Love with Mychal Johnson

Before we dive deep into his role as a dad, let’s rewind a bit. Many fans often ask about “Andrew Wiggins’ wife.” Well, Andrew is not officially married, but he’s in a long-term relationship with Mychal Johnson, a former basketball player herself. They’ve been in the limelight for quite a few years, with many fans eager to know every detail of their journey together.

However, relationships, especially those under the public eye, aren’t always smooth sailing. This leads to the burning question many fans have been pondering, “Are Andrew Wiggins and Mychal Johnson still together?” As of my last knowledge cutoff in September 2021, they are indeed together and have been sharing several heartwarming moments as parents.

The Joy of Parenthood

To answer the question, “Does Andrew Wiggins have kids?” – Yes, he does. The couple welcomed their daughter, Amyah, in 2019, marking a significant transition in Wiggins’ life. Since her birth, Andrew has often showcased snippets of his life as a dad on his social media, reflecting the profound bond he shares with his daughter. Becoming a father has brought a different kind of motivation and grounding for Wiggins, both personally and professionally.

Ties to Home: Where Does Andrew Wiggins Live?

The question of “Where is Andrew Wiggins live?” has been a common query among fans and followers. While Wiggins was born in Toronto, Canada, and has a deep connection to his homeland, he has spent much of his professional life in the US, thanks to his NBA journey. As of 2021, Andrew Wiggins resided in the Bay Area, given his association with the Golden State Warriors. However, players often relocate based on trades and personal preferences, so it’s always a good idea to check current sources for the most recent information.

The Wiggins Family Ties: Does Andrew Wiggins Have a Sister?

Family has always been a crucial aspect of Andrew’s life. While much is known about his father, Mitchell Wiggins, a former NBA player, and his mother, Marita Payne-Wiggins, an Olympic track and field sprinter, not many know that Andrew is not the only athlete in his generation. So, “Does Andrew Wiggins have a sister?” Yes, he does. Andrew has multiple siblings, and among them is his sister, Taya Wiggins, who is also into sports.


Life, for Andrew Wiggins, is not just about dribbling basketballs and scoring points. It’s about embracing the roles that come off the court – as a partner, a father, and a son. Whether it’s spending quality moments with his daughter, Amyah, or cherishing memories with Mychal Johnson, Andrew’s journey as a dad and partner is as thrilling as his games. And as he finds a balance between his professional commitments and personal responsibilities, fans and well-wishers can only hope for more heartwarming moments from this NBA star’s life.

FAQs on Andrew Wiggins: From Basketball Stardom to Fatherhood

1. Who is Andrew Wiggins’ wife?
While many refer to her as Andrew Wiggins’ wife, Mychal Johnson is his long-term partner. The couple isn’t officially married, but they share a strong bond, especially with the birth of their daughter.

2. Are Andrew Wiggins and Mychal Johnson still together?
As of the last update in 2021, Andrew Wiggins and Mychal Johnson are still together and are parents to a beautiful daughter, Amyah.

3. Does Andrew Wiggins have any kids?
Yes, Andrew Wiggins and Mychal Johnson welcomed their daughter, Amyah, in 2019. Andrew has been seen sharing various moments with his daughter on social media, showcasing his role as a doting father.

4. Where does Andrew Wiggins currently reside?
As of 2021, Andrew Wiggins was residing in the Bay Area, California, due to his association with the Golden State Warriors. However, players often move, so it’s good to check the latest updates for the most recent information.

5. Does Andrew Wiggins have siblings?
Yes, Andrew Wiggins has multiple siblings. Among them, he has a sister named Taya Wiggins, who is also sports-inclined.

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